In No Need For Love


In No Need For Love Lyrics

f*ck Love, I'm just tryna f*ck an keep a secret. If I give it to you once I betchu gone try an keep it.
'Betchu if I eat it you tell them bitches I'm yours. & my slow stroke perfected, I betchu gone want some more.
I f*ck 'em till they sore, Bird f*ck 'em till they numb. Lay on yo side & suck my dick & I might f*ck you with my tongue.
I grab er by the waist because the bitch she start runnin'. & ion wanna hear shit unless she tell me that she cummin'.
Lay flat on yo stomach, arch yo ass so I can stick it...
She call er friends like girl this nigga different. & girl he did positions I promise that I aint seen, & I came so many times bitch I thought it was a dream.
I would tell you his name but he told me to keep it secret, & his dick so damn good bitch, that's how ima keep it.
Slap my ass & pull my hair when he was hittin it from the back. He just walked outta the door, lemme call this nigga back.

Hold up!... Where you goin?
Bitch what?
I'm in no need for love!
I mean I already told you what it was, what's wrong witchu?
I'm in no need for love!
But chu know I got a bitch tho like, now you outta line.
I'm in no need for love!
I mean, if we gone keep this shit G lets keep it G baby.
I'm in no need for love!

Well we gone keep this shit G, we f*ck with no feelins attatched. So if ya call an ion answer don't call right back. Cause I'm prolly wit my main bitch, you know how the game gets. She told me I should change but I'm comfy wit the same shit.
I bang shit then shake the spot. (I'm out! ) Every time I think about cha when my p*ssy get hot. p*ssy on lock, an they be droppin keys off. If Ion pull em to the side, I tap er she make em ease off.
Boy I go hard like an animal, to where she lookin back and askin how you got so much stamina.
You f*ckin like you on camera, & if you f*ckin niggas bitches I see why they can't stand ya.
Yea, well I'm guilty as charged, if we don't make it to the spot then we can f*ck in the car.
Drop you off, then jump right back in the wind. Hold up, I forgot, what's yo name again? (I'm in no need for love! )

Straight up tho man.
I'm in no need for love!
Ion need no love man you feel me like I gotta bitch for that... I just need you for that.
You know... you know how we is.
I'm in no need for love!
I'm not tryna take this shit no further lets just keep it like this.
I call you, pull up, knock you down, n get out the way. (HA)
You call me, I MIGHT pull up, if I'm feelin it, knock that mothaf*cka down, send you back.
I know you got a nigga, you 'on gotta lie to me bitch.
I'm in no need for love!
Hahaha, keep it G man, I'm out. Bird.
I'm in no need for love, I'm in no need for love!

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