Days Of My Life Lyrics

The days of my life, the struggle I'm going through
Cause times are too hard, but I gotta make it through
The ghetto, of my life
The struggle, it ain't right
But I gotta move on, strapped with my chrome
Cause I feel like they coming for me, but I'ma keep rolling on
A guerilla, going out like a soldier
That's mobbing, till it's over

[Billy Cook:]
These are the days of my life, all the things that I'm going through
Cause times are so hard, but can't let it get the best of you
See my daddy, passed away
What use to be sunny days are no more, just sad and all rainy days
Left nine kids behind, trying to fill his shoes
Taking care of my mama, the way you raised me to
Four boys and five girls, left with tears in their eyes
And like your best friend, who saw your last smile
Daddy we need you, tell me what do I do
You carried this family, and the whole hood too
The skills and memories, that I have left of you
A legacy you built, you were a one man crew
Worked your fingers to the bone, till you took your last breath
But your boys gon finish, what you started that's a bet
It's a struggle everyday, these are the days of my life
But I gotta maintain, so I don't lose my mind


Don't spend most of your time, thinking bout the small thangs
Cause I'ma come through, and show you how to ball mayn
Clover is the hood, but Botany is the block
Where we escaped from them cops, and survived a hundred shots
What's real what's not, it's all them non-believers
Cut and copy all my styles, but you non-achievers
Screwed Up Click we the shit, nigga that be authentic
And it ain't Screwed Up Click nigga, if I ain't in it
Talk down on my hood, and I'm coming to get ya
Cause the days of my life, like a motion picture
Got a pound of endo, and I'm splitting them swishers
Trying to roll so much dro, till my thumbs get blisters
Yeah mayn move caine, like I'm back on the block
Got that white man powder, cause I don't f**k with the rock
Still it's Botany Big Shots, whether you like it or not
Clover Geez keep it hot, with the billboard spot


I remember many days, of me living I was a broke nigga
Couple hundred dollars, graduated to a joke nigga
But even still, I kept my hope high
Spit it with my soul, and watch them laugh as I would go by
But now it's official, the tables turned I got my weight up
And the homies I would kick it with, proceed to get they hate up
And it ain't in the open, it's behind my back
They don't wanna f**k up they chance, to be a part of my stacks
Like I'm a damn fool, but money don't make me my nigga I'm deeper than rap
I see right through you niggaz, know that I'm right on your track
But everybody think a nigga, be balling or something
But they ain't nowhere to be found, if I'm falling or something
It kinda hurt, to see the ones you love so quick to diss you
My baby mama, say don't call if it ain't beneficial
Ain't that a bitch, I been support her, since the early days
And it's my fault, I should of peeped you in your wearly ways


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Record Label(s): 2006 Battiste Muzic Group 1965 Soso
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