Atl Nights Lyrics

f**k with the same folk people
We gonna get the same broke out come
Team work on always make the dream work
Don't believe that shit

Locked up nigga dream ATLanta nights
In defense like the dream of Miami nights
Stay thin niggas dream of the Vegas life
Ass f**ked on don't know if you stay the nights
God bless the man that can hold the zone
It never rack homie never told
So my nigga's dead, so my nigga's gone
Keep balling let's survive till we make it home

I'm a real nigga banged up count calenders
A whole lot chain with the jet pick the gaveler
Stand up nigga never fall no matter what
Never got the chain tryin to gig on challenger
Never got the city side of panama potion
Panorama roof for five hundred horses
Hit strip club hit hoe call the add list
Somebody to A nigga still love magic

You a fly nigga know you missin all the fashion
But... the acaju barely boo straight swag
Most sex thing moving is the foe though askin
Got them hills song I like your bad bitch Ashley
Flash it still catch your hoes at the Jewelry store
Passin rob and try to see who cash in
Leslie nigga hold your head I'ma hold it down
If I could feel so... when you touch we gonna shut it down


And see we clutch you back is like you never left
You're snitchin enemies told tryin to pretend their selves
I say true to my fown f**k everybody else
'Cause when you f**k over fown you got nobody left
See us mice in the fans without somebody help
Waking them the cold switch like my fame is melting
My nigga's living them dreams, my shit reality
Go base and killin my paper no tell the quality
On the block counting paper that's where I'd rather be
The concrete walls and fences is all I ever seen
A lot of homies doing time for their white fell
The realest words I ever heard was doing life field
And the closest thing I've seen was in the nigh melt
Sometimes people up in the streets it's a nightmare
Late night scroll man screaming nightmare
They came my nigga I can feed for the break felt


I used to wonder if forever taught to be a homie
Call a T I mean bone record to be a homie
So much happen is I seen I wonder if you know me
Always respect the shoe for the love you showed me
See you balls like a dream in the flash
Passed the phone like the blunt bunt fading fresh
Real talk you little walk
Made a lot of millionaires that's the real boss
And absolute, the hood hustle in the ball wishin in the future
Getting rap go bang like me heard in the future
Being rap go back like me your head in the future
All your all hoes Mary Ball players and producers
Wish you boss me all so hit out an solution
Snitchin ain't a part of a real nigga nature
23 hour lock down they couldn't break it
You live a legend not just 'cause of the paper
Anybody check is by respect is what they hate you


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