Fitb Lyrics

Turn up my volume a little bit
Yeah that's cool
Lekaa Beats

[Verse 1]
Real niggas do real nigga shit
No stress we just deal with it quick
And i'll give back the fame if I could cuz I know a lot of rappers that would kill for this shit
But I guess I just have to accept that, and I still got love for the ends fam
Look I ain't the type to go ring off your line but [?] love when I check man
And I tried to be big for the bits
That's why I did most of the shit that I did
That's why I never took my feet off the pedal and allow a couple wasteman to think i'm a prick
I ain't tryna be 30 on the block
I'm tryna spend 30 on a watch
And i'm really from the hood where no one ain't safe watch a close friend turn into an opp
And I wish I could help everyone, I swear I wish I could help everyone
And i'm still going through some emotional stress that I can't even tell anyone
Like I still got this slice on my face
And I still got this bullet in my back
If I told you I was cool then I lied to your face cause if I really do road then why should a nigga rap
All the love that you showed me was fake
I should've known from the start
They're like Big Tobz you're buzzin' now you're in the limelight but yeah I feel close to the dark
So sorry if I feel less friendly
Sorry if I move antisocial
I see man turn jealous and envy
Sorry I don't move like I know you
Shit, I know rap can be bad
Gee I rap for the fans and the bands
Like man ain't not pick me, I'm tryna link mumzy and put racks in her hands
I used to rap for the hood, tryna put Stow on the map for the hood
And man talking about real what's real, I ain't real cause I don't bang straps for the hood
And when man had beef man backed that
And when man needed p's man had that
And when man had no direction I allowed 'nuff man follow me like a sat nav
And I ain't asked no one to thank man
There's been times when nobody had man
And I've come a long way met new dons we're the don donny's that are supposed to be gang gang
So tell me what's good, cause this ain't new to me fam
Like i'm really tryna build me an empire but I can't find where the unity's at
Cuz I ain't winning till everyone around me's winning
Till they tell you that they proud we did it
If it don't make money then it don't make sense but if it makes money you can count me in it
Pounds we getting, Beamer's and Benz's and Audi whipping
I got my dick in this bitch called life cause everything is f**ked in the town we live in
I burned bridges that I don't regret, couple things that I don't respect
See I might forgive but I don't forget
I just raise my glass, here's a toast to them
No brick i'm in a fast lane
I live every day like it's my last day
Still find myself running squares that's just a habit that I can't change
Need my plug if this rap fails
I ain't dying broke cah I planned well
I make riddims that these girls bang
All the mandem wanna do is bang girls
Back to back shows, #TOURLIFE
Yeah I coulda died but I caught life
And I still got this pain in my chest I might name my next mixtape #MoreLife
All for the love and the money, all for the love and the money
I'm like free dad if I make 2 bills i'm gonna give a hundred to mummy
And I still got love for my dad, like everything he done for the fam
And i'm still gonna do everything you need me to do you can trust me with that
And i'm still gonna grind for my bros, I got barely no time for a hoe
And i'm still conversating with God real life no way i'm signing my soul
And I beg man stick to the facts
It's like broski's telling me f**k all the haters stick to the rap
While the rumours are making me sick to the max
Niggas wanna take my life, niggas wanna f**k my girl
Niggas wanna take what's mine and claim everything I done myself

That's all I gotta say now

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Songwriter(s): Big Tobz
Record Label(s): 2018 Big Tobz
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