Heavy Weighters Lyrics

Yeah nigga, heavy weighters nigga
On the rise, know I'm saying feel that
Interstate skaters nigga
Got that hoe on fire nigga, feel that

[Big Pokey]
I'm a heavyweight nigga, set it straight nigga
Skate the Interstate, till I checkmate nigga
Nut taker, uncut slut breaker
Fast money, wide face buck maker
Shake a FED, quick as you could shake your head
And if you snitching, bitch you done made your bed
To lay in, make sure you stay in
And when I pull the trigger, that's when your day end
I weigh in heavy, mob steady
Mash for feddy, me E and P. Cheve
Deadly, game sharp as mechetti
Ready to mangle, tangle niggaz like spaghetti
Mob Style protect me, if I'm wrong correct me
With a vest on chest, can't let lead infect me
Never fader, six digits and weight grader
Thug nigga on the rise, I'm a heavyweighter

[Hook - 2x]
We some heavyweighters, when we rain we shower
In the kitchen and we mixing, flipping figgas and flour
Big heads in power, got us ranked in the game
We some savage bout our cabbage, and ain't a damn thang changed

I'm a heavyweighter, but not because of my weight
It's the cakes I bake, and infiltrate crawl state
I make fast money, as I shakes the FEDs
And I been stacking Franklins, since they had small heads
Hot lead to the head, putting haters to bed
Infrared got em scared, I leave em laying for dead
I'm a savage nigga, above average nigga
I'm living lavish nigga, all about my cabbage nigga
How the hell you figga, you can see this G
Cause baby money ain't a thang, like Jermaine Dupri
Got a college degree, full bread pedigree
And I save every penny, like Anfernee
Hardaway in a smarter way, to earn your pay
Move your yay, and ball out of control with the Sensei
Verbal AK, I spit it with ease
And I'm making more money, than Reggie Miller shoots threes

[Hook - 2x]

[Big Pokey]
I'm a heavyweighter, six figga weigh grader
Estates on acres, with sixteen land scapers
Freight runner for paper, dope shaper
Plushed out skyscraper, with seven escalators

Ain't none greater, got belts and matching gators
Suits be tailored, 22's on a Navigator
Floss the equator, from Orange Mound to the Kater
Belvedere my waiter, p*ssy hole penetrator

[Big Pokey]
Busting slut eliminator, innovator fa sho

Rap game legislator, have em voting for mo'

[Big Pokey]
We enter the do', enterouge twenty or mo'

Six do' verbo', on twinkie Lorenzo

[Big Pokey]
Endo wrapped in leaf, mafia chief

Crack the smile, crushed ice on my teeth

[Big Pokey]
Middle East smuggler

Underground juggler

[Big Pokey]
Southside slugger, just a all out thugger

[Hook - 6x]

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Record Label(s): 1999 Chevis Entertainment
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