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Eye For An Eye
Benny Banks
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Eye For An Eye Lyrics

Who can I trust, i can't feel no love
I'm just feeling f*cked up, I took a L that's tough luck
Rather sell than touch drugs ,needed help but none come
To only say I felt numbs an understatement by a tonne

Weighing up my options, feeling like I'm boxed in
Weaving and I'm bobbing, while everybody's watching
Failure always knocking, even if we take it into stoppage
I bring something off the bench and get it popping!

Weight up on my shoulders that I carried like a man
I grew up in a broken home my mummy like my my dad
All I know is pain man I can't fumble on no bag
Listen even if I love you, do me wrong I do you bad

I burn bridges and I turn tables
I found a way to make it happen when we weren't able
And I thank god cos I learned lessons when I weren't grateful
Yeah I got married to them streets but i remain faithful

You ever had a blessing in disguise?
I lost friends I lost money I done nearly lost my mind
Had me searching everywhere but couldn't to find no time
I'm still out here everyday they couldn't keep me my grind you know

Sometimes you gotta read between the lines
If you couldn't do time you shouldn't entertain the crime
When the blind lead the blind it didn't lead them to no light
I ain't sharing out a slice, I teach you how to bake a pie lets get it
Doubt kills more dreams than failure ever will
Remember when they used to tell me that i never will
And i done things that I ain't proud of just to pay my bills
And i've seen brothers lose it all while they was chasing girls

For you change the world you need to change yourself
Before you pray for wealth you need to pray for health
My life like a movie and I play myself
I'm still staring up at heaven, I remained in hell

I've always made bad decisions when it came to women
I tried to make her queen bee but she just left me stinging
Tell a bitch plenty fishes, you ain't any different
It's all smoke and mirrors, every hero needs a villain

Shit… I used to be your only fan
Now you selling p*ssy pics on only fans
Out of everything I taught you, didn't teach you that
Cos your behaviours mad, I could never take you back

What example am I setting to my daughter, if her daddy date a porn star?
Probably think I found you on the corner
Got me feeling like a prick for getting caught up
You can't drown me if my head above the water, I know lets go

Eye for an eye, tooth for a tooth
Truth in the booth, unless you're winning they ain't rooting for you
I say my brain black and blue, looking battered and bruised
But I still got the flame burning while I carry it through
Its who, Big banks! I effortlessly stand out
Get it by myself and I ain't ever took no hand outs
I stand ground, ain't no man gone make me stand down
Mouths to feed I ain't trying let my fam down!

Tired and I'm ran down, tryna put some bandz down
Stay poor or run these streets like I was Mashtown
Check my background, some shit I couldn't act out!
I can not wait until they let my brother jack out

Rest in peace Jermaine, and rest in peace to John Mclane
You forever on my brain, I'm lighting up a paper plane
Tryna puff away the strain, no umbrella in this rain
Rest in peace to Black the Ripper, yeah my brother made a change (RIP)

The pain running through my veins is hard to explain
Lock me up but you still can't refrain my brain
I've been sent by god to come and change the game
I want money f*ck the fame, I stay underground like trains, (Black The Ripper)

And I still say it with my chest, you're now rocking with best
Until rapping pay I cheque, I still jugg and I finesse
Ain't got no time to take a rest, you think I'm out here to impress
I wouldn't hold your f*cking breath

I ain't nothing like the rest, I been cursed and I been blessed
And now Im working with what's left, its time to put it to the test
Time flies got me feeling like there's hardly any left, shit
I don't even know what's really coming next
I'm just a product of my environment, hustle for retirement
Life been getting tiring, I'm nowhere near retiring
You're either selling dreams or you're buying em
Benny I got demons and i'm fighting them

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Songwriter(s): Benny Banks

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