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Truth Serum
Benjamin Earl Turner
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Truth Serum Lyrics

I guess
f*cked up, f*cked around, got too apathetic for my own reflection
Mirror mirror selfie on the gram, grammy says I got a face to love
Loving you is feeling like a task
Triple digit dancing on my dance
Petal to the floor
A rose never lasts I know
f*cking all my friends
Apologize after I poke
Holy holy hedonist, shit talking like I want the smoke
Deep breath while the homies smoke
Second hand on the clock still broke
Break room break down stressed out stretched out
Thin like a sunset
Sliding in between pink and wet
Tryna heal inside a sundress
Con man can i confess?
Self love is a concept that's in contest with my conscious
I'm on the fence: en guard, touche
Cut off my friends when they too close
Cut off the top when I'm too paid
Cut off the light and my black shine
Cut off the track and it still play
Wrote this shit on a off day
But I'm finna be on on on
I'm finna be on on
My daddy said I'm built to be a greater him
I kick it with my OG like I'm Jaden Smith
I'm Ta-Nehisi if he had a rap career
And if shawty need a soldier I'm a Musketeer
I won't never sell my soul
The flow so satin smooth
Cadences like I'm a auctioneer
I understand why my Uncle Screwtape
Trine buy the rights to my new tape
I ain't better cause I passed on the Kool Aid
I'm different cause I sipped it and I'm still awake
Now I take a corn crop and turn it to a maze
BET Be elite been ben a deity since I chose love as the tepee
I frequently, put to sleep, fear and confusion and coonery, ornery since I was probably
Two or three

Even Zachceus was eating with Jesus
I'm touching kids but not like them preachers
Y'all breaking bad but I'm breaking boundaries
By breaking bread and so making bread off filling the bleachers
I am the seeker
Lightening Bolt on my Third
Like Usain my pinch runner
Oo I Spoken Word
That same slick shit Tubman kicked on the under earth
Like test and see if I gun ya, Cuz
Cause freedom ain't free or dumb
It's Eve teeth sinking deep into proverbial Plum
With my slum dog smile and a life of Pi tongue
It's treating King like bum or drinking rum like it's water
Making choices is hard, making love is harder
So how it must be for God, if life is just a Chess game in which we both King and the Pawn
Everything is sacrifice
That's what I said before a knife sank in my wrist that night

Who ain't die this summer
Who ain't I but Wonder
Gotta speak yoself as flame in the middle of Tundra
Gotta personify faith in insidious cities
Gotta dumb that shit down, we 5th grade reading level now

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Record Label(s): 2019 Los Banditos
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