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Once again I show my respect and great admiration to
Milton's poetry. There's also some inspiration I drew
from W. Blake's tales. Both of them spoke of the most
natural side of human's nature, using the magical
language of poetry. Still its charm overwhelms me...

"The act of rebellion" is very personal song...
Constantly we go up and down, once we are close to a
gutter, another time we reach the skies and have a
strong will to fight! This tune is strictly dedicated to
myself and a certain person in my life that unleashed a
storm... and left a bitter reflection that all in all we are
alone, and there's nobody we can rely on apart from

These words are hard as stone.
It's about the philosophy that made me who I am.
What we have to do in the first place
is to understand ourselves is knowing
and respecting our instincts. This anthem strives
for victory and glory of our nature.
he struggle leaves behind everything
that is weak and dead.

First verses of this poem are derived from The Oracle
of Albion, text which was received to me by means of
automatic writing. The path of A'yin, or The Eye, is
connected with XVth Atu of The Book of Thoth. Sages
who is their wisdom adapted the symbols of Tree of
Life use system called The Pathworking. The path of
the Devil is one of the many necessary stages of great
trip across the gardens of Etz Chajim. Since we have to
accept every part of our being to become a living Star. the fever of Pan...

I believe the title speaks for itself.
This song doesn't need long introduction...
This is my interpretation of Crowley's "Everyone Is A Star"
Theory, but I decided to push it as far as my observations go.
We all are born to reach a certain goal in life, we
all have our talents and skills and it's only up to us
if we have a will to caress and release our potential.
But it seems like most of humans just loose it...
So my extended version is "Everyone Is A Star... but
most of them fall and reach the ground".

Quoting Aleister Crowley's "Christians to the lions" I
found the simplest and the strongest expression of my
disgust towards everything that is stagnated,
corrupted and weak "Christians to the lions" is not
just a pure hate anthem. It's also a manifestation of
vitality, freedom of wisdom... is a song about crossing
boundaries, about trespassing our abilities and
extending our minds.

Inauguration of Scorpio Dome is inspired by Kenneth
Anger's movie, Lucifer Rising. In its esoteric form,
expresses the context of thelemic philosophy which
has its source in formulae "Do what thou wilt shall be
the whole of the Law. Love is the law, love under will".
It is invocation of the aspirations of our Holy Thelemic
Temple. The last verses are derived from The Coming of
Apollo (to Aleister Crowley) , by Victor B. Neuburg
(1883-1940) , a mystic, poet and Crowley's magickal partner.

The Death Posture is a magical technique which is
used to defeat so called The Guardian of the Threshold
and to induce a state of consciousness which enables
deeper exploration of our being. The posture and topic
of this poem are connected with classical symbolism
of sabbath and is utilized by magicians of left-handed,
typhonian magickal current of Thelema.

"Nothing's true... everything's permitted! ".
These are keywords to understanding what's this
world based on. That's what I've learned myself,
that life depends on individual interpretation.
Our visions and illusions define our world and space...
WE ARE able to create ourselves, we are responsible
ones, we are conscious of all!

This poem is an explication of Austin Osman Spare's
magical formulae of Zos Kia Cultus and describes its
practical application. The formula is correlated on
qabalistic Tree of Life with sephira Yesod (The
Foundation) . It was done under the bridges of London in
winter of 2000 ev

Well, it's been 23 years of a constant
struggle in my life. I've been through many things,
I've experienced a lot and I left it was high time
for kind of retrospection. But still I keep in mind
it's just the beginning of a "long journey" called life...
My friend used to say that "the past is never as big as a future"
So with these mighty words I proudly march ahead,
curious of all surprises to come...

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