My List Of Demands Lyrics

Its hard to listen to someone when you only insert yourself
you cant separate how do you separate?
the point is to relate and have it relatable
but at some point it is not about you
and live, that space is okay
i know that one time it got crazy,
i almost got in two fights
you were worried i would ruin the show
but they yelled out at me
and nothing even came of it
how do i even remember that?
it was hectic!
and how did it get so dark so fast?
your hearing--and why would you jump up and down and make the situation about you?
how did it get so crazy so much so much
like to turn the ocean into this...hateful weird place
irreferable damage all at once?
you said a f**ked up mean thing that ruined it all everything for ever
for ever!
and thats cool.
i mean, you did it. whatever.
and now you are adressing me now.
don't i have the right to defend myself?
it feels good to defend yourself, your family.
its inaliable
words, whatever.
it is maybe the best feeling ever
play protector or self-defender successfully
and i'm sorry to you.
you paid to be here, and i am being payed to be here
and i'm going to do my job regardless of your very narrow and confused agenda
at your cost
you are being charged twice
now what do you want?
you've invited everyone into your personal space
what should we do here?
should we all adress you as 'shit face'?
or should i just make arrangements to physically destroy you outside afterwards?
my set's pretty short, and unless some close friends from far away are playing next, i could be ready in like five minutes.
it could be great.
or it could make a date for later, and i could come to your house
this is kind of temporarily my space right now,
i was hired to be here
so maybe i could go to your space
and get fully f**ked up later on
talk about how you talk to your roomates and parents and children,
because i'm sure you treat them like shit
and its cool. i'm sure you'd really appreciate it a ton
just like i'd appreciate your aggressive critical feed back right now.
its rad!
everyone else is being kind and practically respectful,having a nice time,
but youre taking it there next level
alright, thats it. i'm coming over.
when's good?
i really think thats the only right thing to do.
just give me a range of 24 hours, inwhich its totally inapropriate to show up, and i fully will be there.

party's at my place
??? on my face (?)
i showed up to your door
what are you doing here?
i just came to talk
i did not come to talk
i seem liek this mellow person on the stage
very harmless, peaceful, and slim
no sense to do anything violent or hurtful
just so positive and silly
one sided, nice.
how's it goin bro?
and can i come in?
wow your house is lame
all your artwork's played
yeah, i really, let me know, tell you why,
and its just to throw you down the stairs
you didnt think i'd so that
i throw a chair on top
why did i do that?
cuz i dont like your art one bit
and i get so mad
i get so mad that i dont know how to act
you tell me to get out, i throw you down again
i guess i can do it
i just did it
and honestly, i'm in debt to you, for giving me something to do
this is my list of demands
please just take it down
this is my list of demands...

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Songwriter(s): brendan fowler
Record Label(s): 2005 Kill Rock Stars
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