Times We Had


Times We Had Lyrics (feat. Eli Staxxc & Jayhollywood)

[Chorus: Barlito]
Remember the times we had
The times that you and me had
Remember the times we had
The times that you and me had
Remember the times we had
The times that you and me had (It's Zesty, bitch)

[Verse 1: Barlito]
Reminiscin' 'bout the time that you wasn't by my side
Everything was going fast, baby girl, you didn't last
Yeah, you had me in my bag
The times that you and me had
Don't tell me you gon' ride for me, I know that you lied to me
All my niggas doin' things 'cause we stuck in poverty
Don't tell me that you love me and you wanna f*ck me
And you know me, nigga, I'm money-hungry
Niggas know what I do now, I'm stuck in the booth now
I am doin' things, I got a lot of shit to prove now
I was by myself and shit was lookin' greasy
Now you say you need me, but you never believed me
Niggas gon' hate, I tell 'em that we straight
I'm a young nigga and I came out the 8
Took my brothers outta state, and they doin' time
I wish I could go back and press rewind
I thought you said you loved me, why you say you hate me?
I was in your guards 'til you said you movin' shaky
Baby, please don't hate me, I just want your baby
You could be my lady, just stop movin' wavy

[Chorus: Barlito]
Remember the times we had
The times that you and me had
Remember the times we had
The times that you and me had (JayHollywood)

[Verse 2: JayHollywood]
I thought you was just for me, findin' you not for me
I'm missin' you, baby, I'm missin' your company
When you sad, you come to me, I love you, you stressin' me
f*ckin' up my heart, keep f*ckin' messin' with me
I don't even know now, rappin', singin' songs now
Wanted me after I made it, baby, you a dub now I've been by my lonely, actin' like they know me
Think we goin' too fast, baby, take it slowly
I think 'cause I miss you, that song, think I dissed you
She suckin' my dick, said, huh, so she can kiss you
I'm f*ckin' your love, ooh, ah, baby, do you love me?
I just wanted your hugs, ooh, ah, tried to play me
Baby, now you a dub, don't wanna see you no more
Baby, I'm askin' you, where did you go?
You better not let go, ride for me, don't hide from me
I'm bein' straight up, so you shouldn't have lied to me
Bein' with me, obviously, that you gon' really ride for me, woah

[Pre-Chorus: Barlito]
Yeah, I got me a Patek, imagine having you in my bed
While you was playing with my head, you was acting hard to get

[Chorus: Barlito]
Remember the times we had
The times that you and me had

[Verse 3: Eli Staxxc]
Baby, man, I'm telling you, just keep it a buck
I'm just tellin' you, baby, I do not want you, wanna f*ck
And I got you and I'm gettin' money, gettin' hella bucks
And I'm with all my niggas, I'm tellin' you, we keep this truck
If a nigga pull up, swear to God we got the f*ckin' bang
If a nigga pull up, swear to God, I'm shot 'em, yeah, that's bang
And I pull up with my niggas and you know we gon' murk
Yeah, your feelings hurt and I'm goin' off on the dirt
And I'm tellin' you, my nigga, yeah, I came from the bottom
These niggas all be talkin', yeah, the problems, yeah, I solve 'em
'Cause I be goin' crazy, nigga, yeah, I'm so legit
Yeah, these bitches f*ckin' hate me, nigga, tell me I ain't shit
But I'm tellin' you, my nigga, yeah, that shit is my hobby
I pull up and, you already know, shoot everybody
And I'm tellin' you...

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