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Heart Burn
Bandgang Lonnie Bands
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Heart Burn Lyrics

Hold on
Niggas rich with a lot of guns
Hey, I ran this shit up with my mama's son
Hey, the streets gave me heartburn, got me chewin' Tums
How the f*ck my net worth a mil' and somethin'?
I came from runnin' from 5-0, now I got the Benz turbo
Came from wearin' my brother's clothes, now I'm buyin' out the whole store
Would you believe me if I told you that my best friend murdered folks?
No limit on the fully, G Herbo
I lost half of my friends, I'd be lyin' if I told you I wasn't really hurt though
But I knew since a kid, the game I was hoppin' in, was really cutthroat
Tellin', it ain't hard to get a bankroll, get a custo
I'm tirеd of sellin' dope, therе's only two ways that shit goes
Six feet or an orange jumpsuit on
f*ck that, I put it in the songs, I gotta touch some souls
Give game to my youngins, you gon' be somethin'
f*ck all that bullshit that you was once told
My teacher told me too, I ain't shit but a street thug
Somebody tell that bitch I got a million-dollar home
I was just on Mark Twain with a pill machine
Forever paid, he was really rich at fifteen
Yeah, it used to be dog food, hundred a G, EST
Now it's a thousand grams in that bag of Pedigree
I used to listen to my fiends when they lectured me
'Cause 24/7, they the only ones in the street
I don't judge by the look, I judge by the greed
Left hook, right hook, that's how the blessings be
This shit ain't on me, boy, it's in my genes
All I did was get focused and spread my wings
Cut the toxic shit around me, got my soul clean
Had to get closer to God, the devil was controlling me
Had to tighten up, feel myself gettin' back to the old me
The bold me, take your bling bling and put it on me
Don't watch my Instagram every day and think you really know me
'Cause I don't internet bang with the police
We is hoppin' out them stolies
Leavin' niggas flat and slow leaks (Hey)
We was out takin' niggas' Rollies
Don't reach unless you want holes in your face like a goalie
Huh, no fakin'
Caught my first hundred thousand in my grandma's basement (Huh)
Nigga, the streets raised me
Nigga, now this rap shit, I'm 'bout to take it
In Little Haiti, man, they treat me like I'm Haitian
Detroit baby, I was raised in them vacants
I'm the voice of the poverty
What you know 'bout not havin' a pot to pee, in?
Nigga, havin' nothin' to eat?
And wonder why we commit all these robberies
What you know about scared, nigga, to go to sleep
'Cause you see so many RIPs in your dreams

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Songwriter(s): BandGang Lonnie Bands
Record Label(s): 2021 TF Entertainment Anti Media
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