There He Go Lyrics

Unnnhuh , Unnnhuh
Unnnhuh , Unnnhuh , Unnnhuh

No strap , i.d. she like shyyd there he go
Ralph lauren shawty girl he polo to the flow
Ya he got it on shyyd there he go
There he go , there he go , there he go

[Yung Icey:Verse 1]
The kid stay fresh you can catch me blowin doe doe
Walk inside the mall all the hoes takin photos
Ralph lauren shit ya you know we rockin polo
Black boy white boy swag just to let all the hoes know
Step off in the club and its like bling bloaw burrr
Yung Icey took the show shinin like a chandelere
The jacob on my wrist , yellow ice fallin out my ear
And i pull up in the cut all the hoes run over here
And im ballin like a fool they look at me like who that dude
Check Yung Icey swag polo shirt up on my back
Oooh they liken that louie bag full of them stacks
Finna buy it all cuz icey got them racks
and they like (damn why you doin that)
and they like (man wea they do det at)
and they like (man icey got them racks)
and they like and they like and they like ooooh


[Scooby:Verse 2]
When i walk into the mall they always point and shit
Finger finger finger damn i think i know det bitch
I dont f**k wit keisha cuz she be up in my shit
I dont f**k wit meka cuz she always on my dick
I be in that southland probably on that 3rd street
Girls on my jock like some new authentic curve meat
I think that they curve me i dont think you heard me
Head to the oak mall soon as i get me some currency
Errtime i run across a bitch she try to rub on me
Gone wit all that touchin girl i dont want nun of yo love on me
Unnn huh yung you a foool
Shawty lookin at me like i know him to
Ion ever block thats unless i got to
They grabbin on my clothes and they tryna take my watch to
Oooh no she like dere he go
We at it again so im runin out the sto


[Hollywood:Verse 3]
Wea we do det at i think we did it in the mall
How we do that there i think we went and bought it all
Got stupid money so you know we got to ball
We got plenty hoes five hoes about to call
We got swag and ya they got swag to
We hit the metro and bought them gucci bags to
We Money Mission so you know we bout cash dude
No futuristic black boy white boy swag we swaggin through
Cargo polo ya we cashin out
White people in my pockets ya that what its bout
Everybody lookin they like there they go
You should see him at the shows ya they like wooah
Everybody talkin about swag but we been done killed it
Take a look at my clothes you can see im guilty
Black boy white boy shyyd ya we cashin out
Big stupid hundreds ya thats what its bout


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