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Tootsie Roll


Tootsie Roll Lyrics

The Butterfly?
Uh-uh, that's old
Let me see the Tootsee Roll
Damn, I done fell asleep in the studio and woke up
Thought I went through a time machine or something
This bitch crazy, Reuel
Reuel, stop playing with these niggas
Okay, Reuel, yeah, yeah
Aye, aye, ShittyBoyz
Damn, hold on
ShittyBoyz, ShittyBoyz
Aye, aye, aye, aye, aye

[Verse 1]
Eyes red, I'll flame you up like [?]
Got every color fit it is, I'm the Tech God
Real life scorer but I'm thinking 'bout thе next slide
Scope on this bitch so I think this a hеadshot
Damn, turtle pie, this a head hot
Donate a flatline to him, he a dead guy
Yo main mans a burger so I'ma call you "French Fry"
Just made ten, still got crust in my left eye
Big Moncler, f*ck around and tuck a rocket launcher
Boy plugged in, two shots gon' stop the Charger
You ain't never scored a point, boy, I'm probably not gon' guard you
Bitch like, "When we gon' link?", shit, not tomorrow
Shit, and not today
Made seven then I made six, bitch, I'm Dr. J
OBJ, one hand, I ain't drop the play
My hotheads locked in, make you unlock a safe
If it's busts then I'm there, Tom Brady
Chrome Hearts on, black heart, you cannot break me
Two sticks on me but I promise you cannot play me
I'ma probably shoot both of 'em till the SWAT take me
Hold on, turn around, touchdown, flex
Hold on, bitch, can't f*ck, just neck
f*cked up Chase with a f*cked up check
If you f*ck with gang, you get f*cked up next
Off-White trunks, how I jump in wet
Ran it up chilling, how the f*ck I sweat?
Lil' bitch a zombie, she suck my flesh
Bitch, you ain't the only one I text
Slide, slide
Hellcat finna fly
Got big drip like I'm tipped on my side
I don't work shit, shift drift when I drive
Glock pick him up, he get lift, ain't no ride
You down one but the clock bust, ain't no time
You could be on a skateboard and don't grind
Talk shit on fake page, know you hate yo life
Off-White but the switch on on the AR
Had to switch clothes [?] from my face card
Thinking you f*cking with me, you off a laced bar
Thinking you keeping up, you better have a race car
I ate lamb chops in a i8
I ain't finna fight you, I'm a lightweight
Shoot him in the middle of a log and see [?]
Bitch, what am I? Twelve and a half times eight
Huh, do the math, that's a hundred, bitch
We'll still walk around with a hundred clip
You'll have to be a fat guy, tryna stomach this
KFC kit, got a leg or a drum for it
Dub or a L? Shit, it's just life
What's in my cup? Like, shit, it's just Sprite
Scam, swipe, shit, the jugg life
RIP Kembo, self-scan, hook twice
One of one, make a lil' bitch look at least once
That's fraud shit, I'm up blues, bitch, I'm [?] up
What's that beep? Oh, Stan backed the Jeep up
Double or a triple like y'all gon' have to team up
Bitch, or I'ma drop a light sixty
On something new, been a while since I liked giffies
Fast car, South Beach, life like Vice City
Cut into the bitch like [?] my only type pretty
Lil' bitch toxic, that head got a antidote
I ain't even catholic, I'll probably scam the pope
If you ain't my girlfriend, I'll scam you, ho
Two things that yo bitch know is gag and choke
Slide, slide
Yeah, I'm finna go in the store and slide right now
No cap, ha

[Verse 2]
Huh, nah, I'm playing, I might get indicted
Bad bitch on my last nerve 'cause she indecisive
I'ma have withdrawals if we don't hit Verizon
Might look mad but I swear that the pistol smiling
Stan ain't [?] but I swear he got a pole by him
[?] f*cking up New York, I think Long Island
Red beam on his bitch but it doesn't [?]
Dee finna grab a new whip that has no mileage
Yeah, be a hundred, you don't punch up
Money falling out my pocket, can't pick a one up
Zaza, you gon' fly high, take a puff, puff
Stay low, be humble, watch how you come up
Huh, yeah
7.62s makes his ass do the Tootsee Roll
Buffs with the ice cost more than a cookie bowl
Lil' skinny bitch but I swear that her p*ssy swole

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Songwriter(s): BabyTron
Record Label(s): 2020 TheHipHopLab Records
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