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Getta Beats
Yeah, Getta, aye
Aye, finna, aye
Like I'm El Chapo
I'm finna, aye
Aye, aye

Finna crank the throttle
In the club big lit, I need eight more bottles
Crab legs, boy, this ain't no lobster
Tall-ass chop make him fall like I came with Tacko
AR-15, this bitch came with hollows
Red and white Comme des on, no, I ain't with Waldo
Steakhouse everyday, I heard you came McDonald's
Head f*cked up, puff-puff for that anger problem
Zaza, deep breath, yeah, I'm up there
Lil' bitch cold, ain't gon' lie, yeah, I punch hair
Need some PSDs for the chop, it's some nuts there
Out of town, feet up, I'm making money somewhere
Vlone [?] shirt, in my Bari bag
Bitch crucified my f*cking buffs, in my Carti bag
I was in the zoo then escaped, in my Marty bag
Old bitch begging for the dick with her sorry-ass
Huh, RIP [?]
Talking 'bout fighting? Nephew, you can have these slugs
Twelve hundred dollar spike walkers, yeah, I'm splashing blue
Finna turn that lil' Trackhawk to a Lambo truck
Finna text yo bitch "Where you at? What you doing, boo?"
Mean-mugging up at every function, bitch, I'm super rude
Sent him up top, it's so crazy, he went through his roof
"BabyTron, BabyTron", lil' bitch, like who is you?
Deuce in my Gatorade, Wocky in electrolytes
If I stop and take a lil' puff, boy, I'm catching flight
Triple S, yeah, nine hundred when I step tonight
Boy, it ain't shit left to swipe
Looked up, talked to God, I ain't living right
Live the baller life everyday, you can't live it twice
No GPS, I hit a left and then I hit a right
One through his head, one through his chest, boy, I hit him twice
Lil' bitch, please shut up and roll my weed now
Gotta take a picture every time I'm f*cking seen out
Oh shit, Glock party, bring the beams out
Got her p*ssy on drip-drop, brought the sleeves out
Huh, lil' bitch, 'cause I'm Sleeve Nash
Hellcat going 120 when I speed pass
That lil'-ass Henny bottle with her cheap-ass
Mr. Wake-Up-And-Get-To-It, I get free cash
I'll give him seven hundred like I'm [?]
[?] man off the dookie 'Wood, he ain't smack [?]
Scat Pack like Wiz Khalifa, yeah, it's black and yellow
Stop saying that I'm offbeat if I match the tempo
Lil' bitch, you gotta listen to me
Unc' in a wheelchair, he like, "Bring the kitchen to me"
You up 10K in dubs, that ain't tripping to me
If you ain't a f*cking ShittyBoy, you ain't shitting to me
And you can't sit next to me
Promise this a headshot, bitch, f*ck yo vest, dummy
Granny said, "What's that?", fraudulent check money
Why you kissing on that lil' neck? She threw the neck, dummy
Bitcoin, Bitcoin, feel like Temple Run
[?] I'll step with one
Lil' model bitch, stupid head, her shit extra dumb
I'ma call that boy "Nick Cannon", he just met the drum
Yeah, red rum
James tripping the strip club, told her spread something
I'ma hit his ass with that fryer, watch his eggs jump
I'ma think I'm f*cking Big Meech till the feds come
Then I'm El Chapo
Shells knock the meat out his head, this ain't Del Taco
Ask what that lil' bitch doing, can you spell "swallow"?
Ask what's stuffed in the clip, can you spell "hollow"?
Huh, aye, aye, aye
Like I'm El Chapo
Lil' bitch, can you spell "hollow"?
What the f*ck?
Like I'm El Chapo

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Songwriter(s): BabyTron
Record Label(s): 2020 TheHipHopLab Records
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