Euphoria Lyrics

That's a lay up too
Put a K up
What up, Helly? (Helluva made this beat, baby)

[Verse 1]
Yesterday's price ain't today's price (Nah, for real, I swear)
Yesterday's price ain't today's price
Looking like a great white, this the BAPE life
Out the way, probably catch me underneath the stage lights
High as hell, thought I had propellers, finna take flight
We don't play right, the game dirty
Buffed up at LAX, I'm balling like I'm James Worthy
Put a hole up in his chest, his shit look like a Dame jersey
Dizzy thеn a bitch, I'm in the 'Cat spinning
Brodie trailing in the Catty, trust mе, he don't lack in it
No mas, unky caught contact, he crack whipping
If I don't do a feature, trust me, boy, them jacks shipping
High as hell, my eyes low
You was skipping class, I was skipping time zones
Going 160 off the 'Kiki, I don't drive slow (At all)
Heard he talking out his neck, I'm finna find bro
See him, let the pipe blow
See him, got a hunnid for him
They ain't think I touch them M's, I'm out her running towards 'em
Got the munchies, grab the reservation for some lunch at Morton's
Footlocker,, I'm in here punching Jordans (Yeah)
Buying Number Nine or I'm off the creed from Himalayas
Lil' brodie in the Striker, if he see him, he gon' spray 'em (Shee)
Euphoria, the fiends on the block look like Zendaya
I heard they cut his time short 'cause he ain't have the time to pay 'em
Redid my kitchen, touch screen refrigerator in it
Told cuddy spend it while he can 'cause he can't take it with 'em
Bag season, that shit Pharrell, I bet I stay up in it
Heard I got the torch, I'm taking off, nah, I ain't playing with it (Play time over, I swear)
Full court shots feel like lay ups to me
You can't take a pendant even if you put a K up to me
Feeling bouncy, told TrDee to throw the play up to me
Why you out here chasing p*ssy?
Why you out here facing Cookie?
It's 2022, bitch, it's all za
In my tech, money come to me, ain't gotta jog now
They used to put me on the bench, I'ma finna ball now
They use to put me to the left, I got the sauce now
Nah, I ain't lying, nah, I ain't trying
Ride around with Drac' and NPSs, nah, I ain't fighting (Nah)
Rap money, nah, I ain't swiping
In the mountains in my Stone Island, nah, I ain't hiking
You ain't really getting to it, you just talking
I was really just OT, six days in one week
Couple flights, road running here and there

[Verse 2]
Bench pressing work, just got a load in
You ain't even waist deep, at fifteen I dove in
If we catch you with yo bitch, gon' leave one in her sew in
SBDSM, bitch, we go in, no hat
You can catch us at a junkyard, I bet we don't scrap
Living like a rock star, I block racks and blow thrax
Can't believe you upped a petty five, why you show that?
Can't believe you cuffed what's-her-name, with her ho-ass
Happy what my life came to
Stayed a hunnid, you should never let life change you
Road running, if I crossed the lines, the slides came too
Dual wielding, try something, it ain't the right day, dude


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