Fuck Rap Lyrics (feat. Peezy)

I just chewed three percs they say thats a blue. They say I just talk too much but I just speak the truth. My homies trappers they don't rap so they be speaking through me. Her nigga like to play my music she be sneakin to me. Nigga still didn't pay their tab you can keep the money. Niggas flashing petty stacks man thats sneaker money. I got worried niggas plottin so the reaper coming. Seen shells everywhere like the easter bunny

Fame changed the game. Niggas tryin to proove a point instagram to blame. Niggas get a couple dollars and forget that they're lame. Bitches get a couple followers and be switching their ways. Niggas shine a couple times and forget that it rains. I don't really give a f*ck courtesy of the drank. Hustle hard then deposit like I live in the bank. Neighbors smell the cali fragrance like I live in the bank

Yea f*ck how you feel my bitch my mommas still struggling. f*ck how we was ain't no love if you run with them. You can get another 100 if you come with ten. I saw you when you niggas trap but I ain't comin in. They say you quit rap ray? Yea I'm done with this. Cause I ain't cool with all that front shit. I'm in my off white joggers but I'm runnin shit. That man disrespect my man ima f*ck his bitch. Nigga disprect my brother ima pop his top. Twan just walked in new (emited) pressin 30 on the bag ten 10g's on the awp. Blues got 30 on his neck 50g's on his watch. Home alone paranoia 60gs on the spot. Got a line on the girl he not with me in the block. Get love in the hood we be feeding the block. I ain't even see my kids all I'm seeing is quac I ain't even see my momma i've been gone for a month. Riding something low key with 24's in the trunk. Long sleeved escalade 6 hoes in the truck. Smoking woods out the pound roll up what you want. Countin blue 100's fell asleep drinking red. Niggas postin guns on gram they don't believe in feds. You niggas ain't goons better quit the playing. When I get bored ima put some cheese on your head. Coming home from milwauke stopped in the shot. Takin ten out the bag shoppin till I drop. No it ain't the holiday but sparkles in the sky. Strippers know we buy 1's and let them bitches fly. Shot a move to the country paid your bitch to drive. Sitting round fresh as shit and we're just getting high. Man that shit you call ballin he just getting by. f*ck your bitch and have her screaming like she finna die. Almost said f*ck this rap shit cause I got sick and tired all this cap shit navy blue dickies on my trap shit. Up as hell still act like I ain't got shit. How the f*ck is he a shooter ain't shot shit. Paid my dog to clean your whole house with that mop stick. Boy the shit you saving up thats the shit I cop with. Boy you nigga's ain't even allowed where I shop at

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