Out For A Rip Lyrics

I'm from the great white north, right
Like up above the states (yah);
The big land mass that the rest of the world hates (f**k yah)
We're like, above that, f**kin' north I guess
The big patch of trees where everybody's bored to death
We're just chillin up here, sippin' syrup, playin' hockey
Before we learn to walk we can cross-check properly (yup)
Just rockin' plaid jackets, chainsaws we operate 'em
f**kin' eh right we do bud, we cut our weight in fire wood
Every twenty minutes or so, "smoke break"
And if the leafs make the playoffs I'll f**kin' jump in the lake (ohh)
f**kin' buddy comes over to my place the other night,
And he's like, "you wanna go for a rip," and I was like, "f**kin right"
So we hop in the truck and hit the mud, and I was like, "ooohhh f**k ya

Just out for a rip are ya bud?
Just out for a rip?

I come from the land of the polite,
Where s***s covered in ice
So when I'm down in the states, they're like, "Ur too f**kin' nice"
Like, ya we got manners, but f**kin buddies still f**kin fight, and f**kin
Swear, and f**kin drink all night
Like this one time me and f**kin buddy are out havin a dart,
And f**kin buddy f**kin burns a hole in my coat
And I was like, "f**k bud", because the coat was pretty new right
And he was like "f**k you," so I put his head in a snow bank
And just started f**kin' feedin 'em the right, left
Like f**kin' boom boom boom, ya had enough yet
And he's like, "okay okay, f**k chill out, shit"
So I pulled him outta the snow and we went out for a rip (yah)

Just out for a rip are ya bud (oh f**k ya)
Just out for a rip (f**kin' right)

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