Now I Know Lyrics

[Verse 1]
When I was coming out, there was a buzz about me
Not from the industry, I'm talking all the people around me
They would hype me up like f*ck this kids the second coming
They all said they had my back, like fam we never running
But some time passed and I ain't put nothin out
They started pressing me like yo when's your record coming
I'm just tryna make it right homie
Shit, it's my first project and I ain't tryna take it light homie
But they ain't understand how it feels to be under planned
Cause they want it when they want it, like I'm on demand
If you don't deliver then slowly they stop calling
You hitting the same clubs but it feels like you not balling
Cause they ain't passing you the bottle no more
You lost and you start fallin', believe me that shits awkward
That's when you realize these people they are not your friends
'Til your records buzzin' and you hot again, well now I know
Ya'll some groupies, though...

[Verse 2]
I met her at my boys table, feeling up on her assets
Black heels and a black dress, hip hop that was the accent
From the way that she talking I could tell that shorty was mad bent
Said let's go to her crib, cause she gon' let me hit like aw shit that's it
Ass out of this world, the craziest legs too
Type of bitch that's down to f*ck to some Radiohead too
Now I got her shaking I'm making the bed move
Hit it once, hit it twice, she saying I'm that dude
That's truth Babi, but let me say you got that f*ckin' ether
The type of p*ssy to make a brotha heat up a fever
I heard you f*cked one of my homies, aw that's nothin either
If I had a girl, I'd prolly f*ck around and up and leave her
Cause I ain't never experienced nothing like this
Shit, I'm feeling delirious as I write this
Then she told me that she liked the way I rap
And I should call her if I'm tryna make it clap, well shit now I know
You just a groupie hoe...

[Verse 3]
I can't believe my way with words has got me this far
I ain't even shit dog, just wait until I lift off
Wait until they really hear what I got in the can
Wait until you haters see what I got in my plans
Shit it's f*cking scary, but I rather show you 'fore I tell you
While these parasites keep saying let me show you I can help you
I don't need your advice, I don't need your support
I'm very comfortable with my team that I see on the court
They had my back since the beginning
And they'll be there in the ending
They was there when I was losing, they gon be there when I'm winning
They believe in what I'm doing, s'why we bout to make a killin'
We all smoking on that goodie, but we cackle like some villains
Shit, I find it funny that I never had no money
But I always got respect from people just cause I was hungry, uh
We just started man, we ain't even gettin' guap
Imagine whats gon happen when we hit the top, now I know
f*ck them groupies, yo...

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