Angels & Demons Lyrics

Calculative reaction is the sense from your actions
Many lie but the eyes define the shaded factors
Illusive hemispheric obstructive expressive sector
Affecting the contemplation of youths as a hector
Source of the real equals end to the lies
See for yourself and you see all the cries
Brothers get fooled and brothers get used
Straight to the heart of the matter is clues
Don’t be falling for the waste that is fed
Lord from above has already said
Days like this is tailored to make
Weakness to soul as well as faith
Enhancement of knowledge will cause us to cultivate
And never capitulate as care is what we create
Don’t watch the negative energy some characters suggest
Coz some friends are too fake, they don’t help, they pretend
Listen to the words of your parents
Bringing the truth back straight to the essence
Every single day is a lesson back to the facts
Like a certain patent critical present
Change to the visual cortex
Receptive feel this cautious end to the poison
Start of a new active process
No to the chats and the badman poses

See in this life we stay wise
Brothers lie sisters cry
Where’s the right?
Tell me why
Don’t we see
How they try
To break up
Our Heart

Peace of fiction to keep you distressed
So keep your distance or see the realest
So don’t get it twisted coz we spittin a business
To all them liars backstabbers full-time snitches
Selling dreams and bogus to the youths yeah
Multinational chi-ching no care
Thousand little bit of miles away
Them little kids getting starved away
Destitution at a bit of high rate
Execution of the innocent’s bait
Temporary love is a mistake
Conditional love is a mistake
Disposition by the snake certain friends were fake
And certain girls betray when they got too much love for the papes
In advance parental advisory about the frame
The feds do the cuffs then it’s bail that’s a shame
Pondering over the prominences
Depicting remorse for the messings
Illumination over the blessings
Phoenix Memphis you can’t test this
Gehenna shall be your gifted bliss
Merited to be qualified for the gift
Assurance from the bureau up above
War for war peace for peace love love


See in this life (in this life in this life) we stay wise (we stay wise we stay wise)
Brothers lie sisters cry (sisters sisters cry)
Where’s the right? (Where’s the where’s the right)
Tell me why (where’s the where’s the right tell me why)
Don’t we see (Don’t see)
How they try
To break up (How they how they try)
Our Heart (To break up our hearts)

In this life (in this life in this life) we stay wise (we stay wise)
Brothers lie sisters cry (uh-uh-uh-uh-uh-uh-uh-uh)
Where’s the right?
Tell me why (Tell me why tell me why)
Don’t we see (ooh-ooh-ooh-ooh)
How they try (uh-uh-uh-uh-uh-uh-uh-uh)
To break up
Our Heart

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