Family First


Family First Lyrics

On days when you feel like
It's me, won't you say hi
On days when you feel like
It's me, won't you say hi
Won't play with you meanwhile
It all fades, can we re start
All I feel
Can you feel it too (Yo Beautiful, how could you feel alone)
All I am (Truth be told, I love you more than anything I've ever known)

[Verse - 1]
Through the storm
Bridges burnt
And kept us warm in the cold
I grew up travelling this globe, you've been my only home
Boy I jumped, woke up flying
Blinded by the lights
Just know if I'm gone for a while
It's because I'm changing your life
Brush off the frame, still I'm blessed
I give no f*cks for the rest
I've got a show tonight
I'm flying through the voice in my head
No longer question the skies
Lost in the hustle and bustle
Uniting over the heavens
But we fighting over the struggle
New love rise then it fall
I'm keeping my circle small
Split Amaretto with Mum
And we let that talk
I'm caught up in the present, forgot the strength of my past
Had to stop, watch this shadow of mind pass over my heart
So dark it shines forever
My phone dead, while I'm stringing all these sentences together
Got to thinking ‘bout my brother
I'm losing bare sleep over anxiety pains
Watching my friends getting pulled into different frames
I'll get you next time
I put that on my whole life
The train passed as the night burned
I wonder, who was that girl (And yea sometimes I feel like i'm losing you by sticking around)

On days when you feel like
It's me, won't you say hi
Won't play with you meanwhile
It all fades, can we re start
All I feel
Can you feel it too
All I am

[Verse - 2]
Feel the lie
When you're on the slide
Won't you take your time
Won't you make it right
Don't wanna make it ghost
So you won't say that
And I'm falling away
One day I'll be strong
Always seem to get small things so f*cking wrong
This, will be alright when you frame it
I'll go
Give me a lie
For when I'm lying awake
The feelings I have they can't make you stay
This, will be alright when you frame it (One days when you feel like)
I'll go (It's me, won't you say hi)
You stay (Won't play with you meanwhile)
On the right side (It all fades, can we re start)
Of the wrong time (All I feel, can you feel it too)
All I am
And it's all I owe you
Can you feel it broken, two

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