Holy Schnikes Lyrics

i throw down with mystical precision and statistical division
its my mission to kill the emissions let off by your egotistical visions
what youve found is the sound of the Puget Sound underground
give me three rounds, ill pound you and your crew crew into the ground

what you call "hot shit" ill turn into goo goo
youll be lookin for glue to fix you and your foo crew
dont need caribou lou to get my ass cuckoo
just need inspiration to give your crew a boo-boo

some fools like to spit about their babes, their dates
but all i need is my mates, single is one of my traits
i wont sit and wait, ill sedate my fate and turn it into great
ill give you the bait, you just better take it before its too late

i support wangster prevention, send those fakes to detention
dont even mention the haters, im on a different dimension
its my intention to be wrenchin the attention from you to me
ascension to the top, king of the seven seas

man, dont talk about how your a veteran in this game
damn right im a rook, but im also lyrically insane
all i need is your name, then ill put it to shame,
and take you and your weak crew out of the frame

game. you have it or you lack it, its a fact
and to be exact you just got verbally sack-tapped
and verbally capped, and verbally overlapped
i rapped to extract the fact that your flow is whacked

i come from the nest of the best, the north side of the west
if i get stressed or messed by pests who wanna test
i will not rest, the industry throws punches in bunches
but ill take it as fruit punch and drink it up with my lunches

you may have hunches that this rappers a criminal
but your damn wron, i like to keep my profile minimal
if your really gonna put that spotlight on me
then do it on the stage and not on the streets

i adapt to the environment, so while some reach retirement
ill keep doin what i do to reach the new days requirements
help yourself, put that record back on the shelf
all they talk about is wealth, i like to roll with a little more stealth in my step

but yep yep if you wanna step i aint scared to rep my city
cuz compared to my city yours is itty-bitty and your roots are kinda shitty
first came diddy, then came fitty, then came the white boy whose pretty witty
i dont pity the rappers that ignore the nitty-gritty
your like a hopeless kitty faced against my one-man committee

(you better get a shovel ready RIGHT NOW)

to pick up the remains when i squeeze your brain
and my lyrics run you over like a steamrolling train
i spit acid rain, its bound to get in your veins and burn holes in your whitey-tidey hanes

yo, when you fools skipped class i got an education
see, now you work a gas station and im primed to rock the nation
i rise to the occasion, and with each new creation arises yet more elation
and complexity to the equation

i quietly paid my dues while my peers sipped on booze
i had to choose between that and sippin on mountain dews
so i took that green stuff and i chugged ten of em
and at a drunk party i was sicker than ninety percent of em

i dont aspire to retire with millions of buyers,
its already been established that my flow is on fire
lets go rap battle on a telephone wire
i will continue to fly higher and defy the liars,

i dont need a record label or my face on cable
to enable my position at the head of the table
the steed's out of the stable, and im here to stay
until your hair turns gray and your straight turns gay

give me a beat, take a seat, feel the heat and tap your feet
i farm in the underground and the mic is my wheat
give me a pen and a sheet and ill cook up a treat
you cannot defeat skewered, the game's new elite

i bet it scares you when i triple-dog dare you to bear your teeth
and you get buried beneath a sheet of disbelief and grief
cuz on the stage im a theif, i dont care what heppens, it gets hectic
my opponents feel the pressure, the weak ones turn dyslexic

hate it or love it the undergrounds on top
cuz mainstream seems to flip-flop between bullshit and hip-hop
will it ever stop? well it doesnt matter, im here
and for opponent MCs, believe the end is near

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