Koan Lyrics

With Profound Teachings is He endowed
Koan Psy Atman
Who underneath his Ragged Robe
jealously does Knowledge guard
He knows and understand all
and every one of the Philosophies
the be upon the world of men
and the universe of matter
his Books are full
of Riddles and Rhymes
that show the Knowledge
Thought and Wisdom
He did gather
while He grew and while he learned
and which He did compose
into his Great Development

His Wicked Riddles be
unmistakably the fruit
of his pure Asceticism
and of his Talent Great
perplexed be those
of whom they are asked
and more so still
be those that hear the Answer
for they do crystallize
and Immeasurable Transcendence
and a Path full of Straight
although not easy towards Atman
and they may hinder and perplex
your very madness
if they be revealed to you
within his Passages of Confusion

By the fruit of his Writing
are thou directed towards Atman
He belongeth to the Psy Atman
and among Us shall remain
covetous of his Treasure
no Readings shall He lend thee
unless under the Sign of Atman
to Him thou doest submit

This our World
Koan entered by his Reason
with Greatest Joy was He filled with the Harmony
with in Atman We do enjoy Here in our Abode

and as his Cause be Certain and be True
one day He laid aside life, flesh and desire
for doubtless He did choose the Way
that one day all of you perforce must choose
as the Black Fire that emerges from his Writings
like and Immense Sea of Loving Hearts
He feels bound to the condition
in love his Ego fell
‘I want no more to human be, nor ever breathe again
nor feel my Heart like a hunk of flesh’
thus the voice of his Rebellion
that once emerged to then Prevail
thus is He a Psy Atman
of Cult and of Reason
the Lord He is of Knowledge too
of Thought and also Wisdom

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