Memories Lyrics


Yall done caught me
At the worst time
Mental breakdown
But I appear fine

The Clocks ticking
Hell imma do?
Who the f*ck is you?

I don't really f*ck with nobody
Racing against myself ni
Best out the city I'll take a bow
Stay in high regards but why do I still...doubt?

About all the shit that I can do
People I used to f*ck with
Don't see the vision
Bid you adieu

Don't need ya draining my energy
Shit be f*ckin with me mentally
Turns best friends into enemies
I question all of their tendencies

Like damn was you really with me
When my ship was sinking, you said
You'll hold me down like an anchor
Nowadays you wanna change up

We was boys now we strangers
Hustle together and getting this paper
Always held you down no need for favors
Just keep it real with a nigga

Jealousy Hennessy enemies
Is a hell of a mixture
Road to greatness is a bih!
But it comes with the shits

I know that favor really ain't fair
But It's a burden that I'll gladly bare

I got everything to lose
Odds on a few
Friends switched up
Ain't nothin new

Ran to you for help
But Im over here singin to myself like...


Look at me look at me oh just look at me
What would Jesus do.. If he was me?
Would he treat you better?
Would he love you right?
All I know if I was him I'll do this all tonight

I be flexing
On these niggas

Get the f*ck from round me
I don't f*ck with ya

Tell me who you is
Refresh my memory

Sick and tired of these niggas
Actin like they kin to me

(tell me who you are actin like you kin to me)

Verse 2

Put you in my memory bank
Stack them hoes like benji franks
I Remember when they told me
That I don't have what it takes

Now they wanna bite the sound
I know that they need me around
Just admit I'm a bit better
At piecing these letters like Webster

I don't trust none of these Spectres
I am no stranger to pressure
Cover my pain up with flexin
Close to the goal can't let up

Woah slow ya roll
Jealousy is a child's trait

Dap me up, and smile in my face
Man all these hoes fake

Got drive watch me push myself
Got shit weighing on my health
And it's f*cking with me mentally
Pain so deep you can drown yourself

Box me in but it won't help
Spit flame to a lame
Till there ain't none left
If I got no one else
Understand this shit

See I'm goin thru some shit
That got me acting different
Can't trust none of these hoes
Ain't f*ckin with these niggas

That's just how it goes
No searching for validation
I found it within myself
And Im over here still singin

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Songwriter(s): Aspen Martin
Record Label(s): 2019 Never Enough
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