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Turn Me Loose


Turn Me Loose Lyrics

kick this Deadwood style
you passed the passion
action reacted to
faster than action reacts to you
I played the fool
like a pidgin sittin on the stool
you gave me classes in crashes at the driving school
so I smashed it up
went to it like a 30 ton truck
you let me do it like you knew what's up
but you don't get a f*ck
f*ck it I'm buggin
Its hardly worth it
you last name's disaster so i had to flirt it
squirt it,
thats what you did before you slipped it
now I'm so deep in your shit that I cant kick it
what is it?
your tight attitude?
the way you f*ck like you got nothin to loose?
maybe your shoes?
Turn me loose
Im hemmed for good
I couldn't cut, If I could cut then Id cut you
f*ck you but thats only one root
I'm out the plane without the chute
Im out the game without the loot
Im half insane with my head in the noose
cant tell the truth 'less you pass the goose
cut the noose
cut me loose
we met in green fields
life was freewheel
attraction half emotion, half sex appeal
I made you squeal
It made me feel like lord on high
Felt like I finished first and stayed the nice guy
but when I tapped that ass I finished last like its supposed to be
never come to fast
you was holdin me
and I could make you laugh
told me to believe now its shattered glass
so pack it up
I'm sick of swing from you mood swings
I've had enough
life was Maserati now its back to bus
while you at it take your friends back too
never trust a woman whose friends are all dudes
and your one girl friend she might be mad cool
but she might be the type to drop ya ass too
You might sail on
you'd be right to move out my way
you might sail on
you better move out my way
got it together and I got it done
got it together and i got a gun
hey joe
we out like North Dako
we out like New Mexico
got it together and I got it done
got it together and I got a gun
think you in charge like a sarge at the Gunnery
it's time you got whacked and sacked in the gunny
ya out for money
ya paws are gummy
like the bears in ya teeth you small and talk funny
stop screaming! I cant understand you
get off the upholstery with your D&G shoes
call up ya crew
you need a medivac back home
we started like a spring day
now you a cyclone
And don't forget your clone
Drunk in the bathroom
Put down my Pellegrino And get your clothes out the back room
You need a ticket?
take the whole damn credit card
I got four accounts, keep one it wont get you far
This what you get when you flex like a superstar
paparazzi lights at the heights when you falling far
Stop the tears! don't make a scene, keep it inside
Check me, my cheeks are clean, I look good,
you'd never know I'm about to cry
Stone face like Pooty when the girl threw his clothes outside
turn me loose

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Songwriter(s): Mike Ladd
Record Label(s): 2008 Playout Music
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