Whats Gwarning Lyrics (feat. Bellzey)

[Verse 1: Bellzey]
From a place where niggas be robbin, headshot that's a closed coffin
Feds run up in your house when you're bathing, no more joking and laughing

[Verse 2: Ard Adz]
From a place where burners be poppin, chef man and we put it all in
Feds'll run up on you when you're yawning, Big Bello tell 'em what's gwarning

[Verse 3: Bellzey]
Gotta move this food by the morning, we're strapped up, mind how you're talking
Brix city home of the real, no path better mind where you're walking

[Verse 4: Ard Adz]
Brix city home of the brave, man will jump out the wizzer and corn him
My brother does road with the gage, he just smoked one brother, no warning

[Verse 5: Bellzey]
Young nigga grew up in a jungle, all my dargs ready for the rumble
Moving hard white in this hard life, so it's kinda hard to be humble

[Verse 6: Ard Adz]
Young brother grew up in the jungle, none of my brothers gonna crumble
I stay around B like a bumble, got the fifth corn off my uncle

[Verse 7: Bellzey]
My nigga said life is a gamble, right hand wrapped around the handle
The streets ain't a place to be playing, mac 11 on me and I'm dressed casual

[Verse 8: Ard Adz]
My brother said life is a gamble, so I'm hitting life at all angles
I got the steel on my waist, it beats like I got it off Banglez

[Verse 9: Bellzey]
I'm living my life in the fast lane, and right now I'm about to go faster
No check, you can get it any sec, star 9 tech darg what you rather

[Verse 10: Ard Adz]
I'm going hard for the bread but right now I'm about to go harder
I keep a mash in the cab on my lap when I'm cutting through the Gaza

[Verse 11: Bellzey]
Ever since I was a little G, all I wanted to be was a baller
So I started shottin' on the corner, bust my first shot in Coldharbour

[Verse 12: Ard Adz]
Ever since I was a little G, knew I couldn't be an informer
I was out here in the streets, me and heat bought a burner for the drama

[Verse 13: Bellzey]
You might see me rolling with a younger, his name's not Mac but he'll dun ya
He just wants to bun every ting, he bun a man, he bun a bridge, and bun ganja

[Verse 14: Ard Adz]
I slap corn out of love, we ain't flagging, no bandana-na-na
Mills bought a stick in the whip, clip looking all banana-na-na

[Verse 15: Bellzey]
Them other niggas say they make it rain, but we ain't the same, I let it thunder
Used to have a belly full of hunger, I had to turn into a hunter

[Verse 16: Ard Adz]
Them niggas say they make it rain, but we ain't the same, he's a stunta
Brothers rob me by the dumpster, I had to turn into a monster

[Verse 17: Bellzey]
My life's crazy my life's dangerous
You couldn't step a foot into my trainers
If life was a book these are my pages
I ain't got no time for no time wasters

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Songwriter(s): Ard Adz
Record Label(s): 2017 WindyMusicEnt
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