Where Ya Been Bytch Lyrics

[Chorus:] Where ya been bitch, where ya been bitch [x3]
Where ya been bitch, where ya been...

[Arabian Prince:]
Life in the county ain't fun
Waitin for my girl to get me out now the day is 21
Waitin to make a dash for the payphone (payphone)
And when I call the bitch she ain't home
So I guess I'll wait my time
I got ten more days for this f**ked up crime
That's what I get you see
For not slangin drugs but a loud-mouth bitch you see
Pimpin ain't easy
I need 15 hoes on the street to please me
Now one had to trip on my ends
Rollin in my Benz, givin up free skins
But it really don't matter today
When I get out yo this nigga don't play
Now I'm gonna have to wreck the ho and check the ho
Yo, and this is how it goes


[Side Show:]
When I'm done with a bitch I'll pass around
When he's done with that bitch he'll pass it back
Ain't no f**kin a love-lost photo bitch
f**k me quick and make me rich, trick
Now where ya been bitch where ya been
I need new clothes, fast but I'll settle for the cash
Then I'll get my dash on
Comin up quick on a bitch or make that shit last long
I heard bitches ain't shit but hoes and tricks
Tricks for kids, come on .... .. .... bitch
A month later my car note
Now give me a c-note pay me back shit
What you thinkin ho?
You never disrespect me, or check me
You'll regret you ever met me
I'll see you in a month or so
Now rule number five this is how it goes...


[Arabian Prince:]
Back on the street and it feels good
Clockin all my ends from the bitches in the hood
Ready to hit the park to shoot some hoop with the homies
On the court, cause everybody knows me
I catch a pass and I shoot it for a three
Missed the shit cause I'm high off the blunt g
Maybe I should quit cause it's messin up my game
Like that bitch that filcked and did the same
I'm on the park bitch scopin out the hunnies
Cause life ain't nothin but bitches any money
Then I see that bitch
Rollin in my shit like the queen of the rich
So I creep real slow like a thief in the night
Outta sight I swoop down like a kite
Check one check two check three
Of my keys of my cash and fly away like a bee bitch
You never though I'd drop yo ass
And when I check my ride yo it better have gas
And now you're stuck with the seven day itch
Hit the street, where ya been bitch


[Background vocals by: Nanci Fletcher & Paula Brown]
Oh where ya been [x2]
Oooh....where ya been
Oooh where ya been my baby-baby baby boooooyyyy
I need to know (I need to know)
I wanna knooooowwwww
Ah yeah where ya been [x2]
Wanna-wanna-wanna-wanna-wanna know where ya bee

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