Dj Unknown & Mekalek - Rare Species Freestyle Lyrics

[Intro: Apathy talking]
(Yo) yeah, yo. I don't know what song I'm gonna do (check)
But my man Unknown told me to rip this motherf**ker
(Yo Apathy), so I'm gonna rip this motherf**ker

[Verse 1: Apathy]
I ain't the type to trick for chicks or lick their clits
I make 'em grip the dick in the whip and strip for chips
Treat a bitch like a foe, givin' hoes no doe
With pros I never snooze, I consume No-Doz
If they're poppin' that trash then I'm droppin' 'em fast
Then put 'em in a body cast with an oxygen mask
I'm the bitch whipper, clip gripper, chick sticker, clit licker
Sip liquor, spit quicker, flip sicker, scrips ricochet, hit a brick
Stray bullet split tips of those Bics that you grip when you writin' wack shit
I can split molecules like the body of blunts
And karate punch you punks leave your bodies in chunks
I char flesh and scar chests like porn stars breasts
To find a squad that could test, you're hard pressed
I'll spit a rap to knock mics out like little mac
And fit a little metal cap right inside your fitted cap
If you spit again I'm slippin' in your little sister's school
And have her sniffin' Ritalin and make her grab my dick again
And stick it in until I split that little kinky bitch in two
And you ain't eve seen my finishin' move

[Chorus: Scratch]
[Big L:] "Rap game heavy hitters"
[Genius/GZA 'Breaker, Breaker':] "The outcome is critical"
[Pete Rock & CL Smooth 'They Reminisce Over You':] "My God"

[Verse 2: Celph Titled]
Don't even ask for me
Go ahead and ask for "Trouble"
I'm known to push back wigs and pull the extensions on your chick
Unknown & Mek asked me to spit some shit
So I calculated the accurate style to come with
You better be fully equipped with equipment
That's powerful enough to polarize the Earth and bend it
Off it's axis
My acronym is a mystery
My arch nemesis is shooken, can't even look at me
Start the day right
Bullets and milk is my breakfast
I f**k the type of bitches that make Dolly Parton look breastless
This is the raw nigga rap shit
With incredible action and drama, my suspenseful persona
Is honored among thieves, so son please
You can get your guns even
And suck on these M1's that's heat seakin'
The Celph Titled legacy will live long
I put planets on my back and hold quasars in my palm
f**k a laxative I'll beat the shit out you
And if you a pregnant bitch I'll beat the kid out you
I hope your headphones are airbag efficient
Cause when I drop science the impact is imminent

[Chorus: Scratch]
[Big L:] "Rap game heavy hitters"
[Genius/GZA 'Breaker, Breaker':] "The outcome is critical"
[Pete Rock & CL Smooth 'They Reminisce Over You':] "My God"

[Verse 3: Grafh]
Guess who?
Don't guess you
No one meant you or the homo's that co-defend you
I hope it offends you
I'm on the low with the hoes that I sex through
I could have got your sister pregnant
You wouldn't know I know your nephew
Banger automatic mode, tec shoot
I don't care if it's beef with the clique, I'm goin' to get you
I'm goin' against you and everything that you 'bout
And every nigga that be bringin' you out
f**k 'em
f**k their label
Not signed yet? Then f**k your block
Suck my cock, I'm next
No, AT&T, I reach out and touch, nah next
I reach out and bust my nine X
That's why smart niggas elevate they mind
And dumb niggas get slugs in 'em that'll elevate they mind
Slugs in they back that'll elevate they spine
Lift their chain over their face and elevate they shine
Once they faint, elevate they shine
Without they ice grill they pussy, but with their game face they fine
That's why I add my two cents and loose change they mind
And take every game face they find and un-thug it
You got a mic in The Source, I un-plug it
If you don't like it when I fight with the four then run from it, dick

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