Spot Me Lyrics

[Verse 1: Apani]
Yo I know who I am where I been what I'm doin'
Things I see make me king take my ?? and zoom in
Pursue the first place attack with grace
Add a glance not movin' strike him from lotus position
Open fisted combat special move combo's
Make head body contact agile
I'm black and jungle cats slide back to the shadows
Cause I'm like the mirage, meltin' to camouflage
Stealth, in my whole aspect respect me
Self taught randoms I elect technique putput
Spits the words abuse and up tooth angles
Verbal assault mangle, handle with caution the city caught vandal
Visas guys get big in proportions
Technical an author of classic style portrets
Armed like swordfish them I can eat up
Your future shot block and counter with knuckle plated steel

[Hook: Sara Kana x2]
Face-to-face stand offs
Spot Me on the frontline everyway you look I'm closin' in
Hand-to-hand combat Spot Me in the warzone
Anyway you run I'm gonna get ya

[Verse 2: Apani]
Time's up, I lost my facials just for some fat more relations
Buy the none practice tactics perfected by ancient
Warrian codes, guligory scrolls, spot me in the foes
On exterior seem some dude attitude superior
Who will fear ya I'm just like you
But smarter, work harder, slice sharper
Territory marker more than just a rapper
Celph biographer I thought a sun signed Gemini
And on the cause for more the new rise taurus
I change the paper and suffocate ya
I've seen O2 more cutthroat than you
Range a ill repute call 'em swift stick 'em up salute
'bove the chain like non chucks, can't f**k with this
So why ya timb guard trains pairin' like glass jaws
Fraudulent influtor this is for the pot New York
Thought Apani was done? Think about it some more

[Hook x2]

[Verse 3: Apani]
Spot me everywhere you look, influence anyway you go
Anti-idol on the ultamegatrin, and I'm decendin' like a parachute
Rendez-vous with my team, rock army green
Hit the ground runnin' swing like Wolverine stampede
Victory is in my reach impute speech like grasshoppers
Catchin' hostage after hostage
Smack fire out faggots, who ask muck ??
No struggle no options, lights out, all imposters
Slowly type your essence your skills is juice
Y'all with all be presence derelict with no residences
Lack a pot to piss in
While I sit in my castle engineerin' ships to multiply my capital

[Hook x3]

Know what's up
"Let it out"
Ahh yeah yeah DJ..
Celph Titled
Mic spittin'
Q-boro, suns of life, that's my people, yeah
Queens, B.K
Pharoahe, Apali
"Let it out"

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