The Entity Lyrics

I can see you but you can only feel my touch
And that’s if I want you too
I’m like a ghost with an attitude
You’d be surprised if you knew what I’m able to do
So I suggest all the ones that hate, grow the f**k up
Cause acting like a child is fake
Subliminal is what you are to me just a message in a bottle drifting out to sea
Can you catch up cause I’m passing fools,
Anybody f**king killa makes his own damn rules
So don’t be jealous homie that your ass is stuck cuz
On this side of the fence you ain’t man enough bro
In other words keep my name from your mouth
Before the natives come knocking for your ass to come out
Know what I mean cause if you don’t you will
Cause I’m tired of these fakes trying to be real

Chorus (x2)
I’m here
And you can’t hide
From the entity

What’cha, what’cha, what’cha, what’cha, what’cha, going do
What’cha going to do bitch, what’cha going to do bitch (do something) (x2)

I bet the hairs on your neck always stand up
Every time that you think of me
If it’s on then it’s on make a move mof**ker
But you best watch where you creep
You should have known shit here don’t change
I’m always be down for life
Listen though I’m give it to you raw
Some of ya’ll need to step aside cuz (move over bitch)

Chorus (x4)

I’m leaving all street cats with a bowl of warm milk
Claiming 313 cause you think it’ll help
If you ain’t true to your city, you ain’t true to the game
Just another fence jumper out looking for fame
So now I’m here just to clear shit up
If you ain’t down to pay dues
How you expect to move up
Weren’t nothing in this life handed to me for free
Hard work is the reason I’m the entity
With a bank full of bread because the worlds full of greed
That’s why us Detroit stray dogs be chasing the weak
And bite they ass like a rattlesnake and slither away
And leave em dead for the vulture to come pick at they face

Somebody in the neighborhoods talking shit
Where’s he going to run because there nowhere here to hide (x2)

Chorus (x4)

Let them be wiped out of the book of the living and not be written among the righteous

Chorus (til end)

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