Hand's Up Lyrics

I told my friends I would dance with the wind
I told them all thank you much
I told my world: you're here for me
I told them all leave me be

But then I flipped overload
Yes I was comatose
But I'm out now baby
You can call me coast to coast
And yes, I was a ghost caught in transition
But that shit will never happen again, not in my kitchen
This is my foie gras, I'm cooking up a storm
And I'll be home soon, baby, keep the supper warm
Keep the lights low
Get the good china out
It' s dim sum time baby, nothing to fight about
This is my house now, what you think of that?
But there's contempt in the air, so I kick a rap
And to my friends, thank you very much
But keep your doubts to yourself, trust I have enough
Because this is my vision, my dream, my truth
So sit back and just clap as I fly through
Nothing more, nothing less, just show your teeth
Apart from this shit, I ain't got no release
I'm on the edge of the precipice looking out
Long way to stop
So why can't I stop looking down?
I'm on the edge of the precipice looking out, long way to drop
So why can't I stop looking down?

I told my friends I would dance with dance with the wind
I told them all, thank you much
I told my world, you're here for me
I told them all, leave me be

So I flipped off the edge
Yes I f**king flew
And if a man can't jump
What's a man to do?
And every dog has its day: todays mine
So whoof whoof motherf**ker, I'm gonna take my time
I'm gonna jet pack
Sky rocket to the top
There's certain things in life you just can't stop
And to my friends:
Thank you very much
With or without you though i don't give a f**k
Supernova, yeah the exploder
Light out the planet
Got a couple things to show ya
And to teach you so listen very close
Coz i won't say it twice
There it is
There is goes
So keep the lights on dear, I'll be flying through
Come, come, hear the words of a typhoon
I'm a hailstorm
Split your head right open
Inject thoughts in your brain before you die broken
Yeah I'm wide open to interpretation
My name is antix
Here to save your nation
And you can die of patience so i have none
Expelled that like the smoke in my black lungs
And I'll be home dear
You can bet on it
Shift the world:
Antix the tectonic

I got a noose around my neck
Yeah, shit, he's tight strung
So hang me out to dry coz I'm just about done
In fact i am done:
Kill the beat
Kill the rhythm
Let the time tick
I love the silence
It bestills my violence
And there's a lot of rage in my soul
So i hide it
And to my friends
Thank you very much
And this time around: it's nothing but love
I'm more sure than microphones
More live than cultures
More ready than ever to attack you f**king vultures
You want my flesh: ask nice I'm the giving type
Put you whack rappers on my track just to kill my hype
Shall I compare thee to a summer's day?
You're more a summer breeze, so blow the f**k away
Born narrow-minded
School I Einsteined it
Too bright for the shadows I had to jive with
So Mr. teacher, remember me
And may i take this moment to say f**k you
Above the clouds like Osama and his flight crew
Blow you up cause I plain don't like you
So when i precipitate on your parade:
Just remember what antix had to say
So when i precipitate on your parade:
Just remember what the f**k i had to say

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Record Label(s): 2010 Cadre Creative Media

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