Pimp Style Gangstas - Ant Diddley Dog Lyrics

[Ant Banks]
Up in your shit for the 4 it's the pimp style gangstas
(Rappin' Ron, Ant Diddley Dog) And I'm the biggity Banksta
Here to serve 'em some heat, and put the word on the street
(Bad N-Fluenz, motherf**ka) And bitch I'm working the beats
Straight gangsta shit, cause that's all we know
It how to bank on a nigga, and break these hoes
We do it coast to coast, the biggest pimps by far
So Rappin' Ron won't you tell 'em who you are

[Rappin' Ron]
I'm a motherf**king pimp with a street full of prostitutes
(And if a nigga talking shit) Well I'm a gangsta so I gots to shoot
A fake busta with the quickness I got
Hella bitches, and more niggas on my hitlist
Ant Diddley Dog!

[Ant Diddley Dog]
Yeah I'm coming through pimping your ho
But if your ass wanna go, you need the .44
And the motherf**king Mac-10
And Rappin' Ron's got my back, so what the f**k's happening

[Rappin' Ron]
I'm back in with another switch
(Man f**k a bitch) But they can't get enough of this
I'm busting hits like and O.G.
You know me, sipping on the 4-0 of O.E.

[Ant Diddley Dog]
I'm smoking dank every day, I ain't got it all
So if one of y'all wanna brawl, then motherf**kers gotta fall
So don't ever say this brother's soft
I'm just another boss, and I'm breaking motherf**kers off

[Rappin' Ron]
That nigga Rappin' Ron is slanging crews, I'm paying dues
And if you're playing, I'm spraying fools
And I just can't stop making flows
I'm not a simp, I'm a motherf**king pimp and I'm breaking hoes

[Ant Diddley Dog]
And for the punks you know I got that trigga
If a nigga talking crazy I'm a pop that nigga
If a stupid motherf**ker talking shit I'll shank ya
That's just the lifestyle for the pimp style gangstas

They're shaking bitches, they're breaking bitches
They're shaking bitches, (Yeah, we hating bitches)
They're doing bitches, they're fooling bitches
They're doing bitches, (Yeah, we ruling bitches)

[Ant Banks]
Kicking that funky shit you can't f**k with
The hoes love it, they all wanna suck dick
So break 'em off y'all, something kinda fat
Rappin' Ron, Ant Diddley, where the f**k you at?

[Ant Diddley Dog]
We come again, yeah it's the pimp style gangstas
If some folks wanna joke, then I'm a jump them prankstas
And maintain my game and train my bitches
Every day is the same as I gain my riches

[Rappin' Ron]
Busting nuts like a playa, Ronnie sooths like an ointment
You wanna meet me ho, don't beep me, make a goddamn appointment
Cause I'm a business man, I need time to make my money
I kill motherf**kers who try to play me like a dummy

[Ant Diddley Dog]
Riding through Oakland with bumps sounding fat
With a tip on my hat and my trunk full of gats
Taking strolls on San Pablo, checking on my hoes
All the pussies on my hoes are gold, giving me cash overflow

[Rappin' Ron]
We load and hold and design to your temple
Any move then pop pop pop pop pop, it's that simple
And after your last hearbeat
Any bitches you had, I'll put they ass on the streets to work for me

[Ant Diddley Dog]
And backing him up is Ant Diddley
I put the clips on quickly cause business is tricky
So if you piss me, watch out for the creep
I hunt you down like a bloodhound and put you six feet deep

They're shaking bitches, they're breaking bitches
They're shaking bitches, (Yeah, we hating bitches)
They're doing bitches, they're fooling bitches
They're doing bitches, (Yeah, we ruling bitches in '94)

[Ant Banks]
Yeah fool, you know
Ant Banks, Bad N-Fluenz kicking that gangsta shit for '94
We up out this bitch

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Songwriter(s): George Clinton, Ronald Dunbar, Donnie Sterling, Anthony Banks, James Vitti, Roniece Levias, Anthony Nelson

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