The Potato Eaters Lyrics

Sick sick sick sick
Shots let off

Ay check
The 44 bulldog with the potato
Turn your head to fettucine alfredo
She felt my drink and slipped a quaalude
Have me losing balance, slumped over a caesar salad
I lost control I'm tryna find it
This pretty young thing was ultra valid
Pretty round body
But I'mma pass her to my man like Kyrie
Lord, she had me hooked up to a IV
Doctors trying to revive me like Eminem
I was drunk, slurring all my synonyms
I'm a fighter ain't no giving in
The losers sit back and take an L, while the winners win
Illuminati want my soul and my body
ANKHLEJOHN more like John Gotti
Niggas coming up on false hymen
No one's scared of you, your swag more like Carl Thomas
I've seen it all like Nostradamus
You need to work on your comprehension and your comprimising
I play the game real rough like Dennis Rodman
The culture cypher I be palming, let it off it's like a bomb hit
My niggas like Akon, they convicts
f*ck your wisdom in the shower with a bonnet
This dick got her hooked like Phonics
For them hunnids, my fingers sticky like Onyx
The game filled with corny niggas like Logic
Sitting like who this dude
Twisting up his Rubik's cube feel he conscious
His head down like he looking at a compass
I robbed him, I heard you the new Sinatra
What you got up in them pockets?
A few pokemon cards, this shit is garbage
There wasn't much, regardless, I'mma take it
Cause I want everything, I stripped him naked
Cold world we living in, I'm only surrounded by my women friends
f*ck niggas, I'm investing them
Down for hell so I'm protecting them
Black seed on you for better skin, cooler than the peppermint
Better shit than other niggas, I'm sure I'd love to get no love from niggas
Don't matter cause I'm above you niggas
And you a creep I caught you drugging bitches
Not giving drugs, but really drugging bitches
There's no consent to your actions
It's about time we start screening all these weirdo rappers
Make em bend over backwards, doing backflips
Off the atlas, I'm sparring with myself for practice
Rings on everything, I'm like Phil Jackson, how you want it?
This Kodak [?] cost $1,100
Back in the days we used to stay blunted
This time around we do the [?]
You need to leave the bitch cause she don't love you
She going for the team, she in the huddle
I call the play, toss it to my splash bro's, shot the shot like Klay
Niggas watching every move that I make

Ay f*ck a hook! Know what I'm talking about?
(Sick sick sick sick sick sick sick)

All these weirdo rappers, I'll smack you on the side where my hand's blacker
Shots get let off, BLAKA BLAKA
Know what I'm talking about?
Yo that might be the hook right there
All these weirdo rappers, I'll smack you on the side where my hand's blacker
Shots get let off, BLAKA BLAKA
Know what I'm talking about?
Peace to the Gods

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Record Label(s): 2019 Shaap Records
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