Addicted To Dirt Lyrics

I'm addicted to dirt
That's where I come from
Give me dark black dirt
I want dirt and more dirt

I'm addicted to dirt and stink and mud
I came from the slime into this world
That's where I was born
And the nurses wore masks
I was washed from my momma's arms

Baby I'm a dirt baby yeah...

I'm addicted to dirt and filth and spit
Don't make me vomit on cakes and ice cream
My food is in the vacuum cleaner
Give me a shovel and let me dig up a tasty meal of dirt, dirt, dirt!

I've got a problem with dirt-I can't live without it
'Cause I'm addicted to dirt
I'm addicted to dirt and slime and grease and oil
'Cause that's where I'm from

I don't want fancy French cooking
Julia Child...set me a table at your ash tray and feed me dirt!
Give me dirt and more dirt
That's where I'm from
I'm addicted to it
My momma knows so

Baby I'm a dirt baby yeah...

I'm related to the earthworm, the cockroach and flys
I come from the filth and odors
That's who I am
Don't give me alcohol or other drugs
I don't need your cocaine or heroin
I just want dirt, plain and simple dirt!

I'm going back where I come from
'Cause I'm addicted to it
I'm hooked on Geraldo
Montel, ????, Howard Stern & MTV
Dirt and more dirt
Give me stories
About bisexuals, trisexuals, transexuals, homosexuals, lesbians
And dysfunctional lives

Give me more of this dirt
'Cause that's who I am

Baby I'm a dirt baby yeah...

I'm addicted to dirt and smut and cum
This is my first route
It's how I was born
Put me in a box full of dirt and buried me

I want mountains of dirt
Dark black dirt
That's what I want, I want toilet water for my shower
I want more and more dirt
That's all I need
I'm addicted to it

Tell me
Can you spare some dirt?
Give me a glass of dirt
I'm collecting for the orphans
Would you donate some dirt?

Baby I'm a dirt baby yeah...

I'm addicted to dirt 'cause I've seen the clean, sanitized world
Rolled over by bastards with unclean, dirty souls
Where everything is nice and sweet and clean
And I'm going back to my origin
Back to my origin
Back to my origin
Of dirt and squaller 'cause I don't wanna be cleaned by bastards
With filthy stinkin' souls

Please understand I can't help myself
I'm just addicted to dirt

Baby I'm a dirt baby yeah...

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