Resurrection Lyrics

No time for losing or waitin for that win to come
I'm movin forward just to show y'all where I'm comin from
I'm just a bad reputation, mixed with talent but
I finna travel to the places only god can touch
Never pause, swear to god, I'm a take it far
Don't need to curse, but mothaf**kas you won't see me fall
No damn supporters just a bunch of haters talkin shit
Y'all seen my shows don't dare to tell me I ain't killin shit
Low status, but my soul is on a higher seat
Time to be prepared, compared to people that ain't doin shit
And still they talkin like they made it, but I seen em all
KING upon stage, and now the crowd is like that freedom march
Million man, meet the grand, kid that spit the fire damn
I put you on a f**king fever when you hear me man
My shit is hot if you lay under you may get a tan
Go get that lotion baby this gon be your summerjam
Some advanced some just passed, some just came and went
I'm bout to show this f**king nation that I'm heaven sent
Don't give a f**k about your flow, or what you tryna be
Y'all just a crap of f**king groupies guess your blind to see
See I'm comin for your thrown
Time to listen you're my witness see me killing every song
I guess it's written in my eyes
All those visions that's my mission this is something I can't hide nah
My heart is feeling it, and so I follow it
You know I'm comin all you gotta do is swallow it
No secondary rapper bitch I got that magic
So legendary got you saying that's a classic
Don't even made a f**king a tape but yet I'm gonna kill
And show those labels that I'm here to sign that f**king deal
And I'm just wishin for that day I'll make a f**king mill
Damn that kid is crazy, go and say it bitch I'm f**king I'll
See I developed on my own
While them rappers only choking with their dick inside their throat
And I mean it, see I seen it, in and out in every show
I know that ain't your style, just some shit you know you stole, shit

So go and tell me whos the illest now
I know you faked it, but I bet you gonna feel it now

I told my lady I'm a make it but she turned and left
That type of bitch gon kiss my ass, when I'm a the best

See ain't mad, just a little disappointed but
I know my fame gon make these type of bitches boil up

But f**k'em all I'm bout to take it another class
3 in the morning, what I'm doing, go and figure that

I'm just a little mothaf**ka tryna get ahead
And all those ladies coming by, just wanna give a head

Damn, how you feel about me now
Say do you know my pain, do you understand me now damn

My only type of graduation
Don't need no book to tell me I'm gon be the greatest

Hey, ey how you feel about me now
Say do you know my pain, do you understand me now

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Songwriter(s): Mark Heimermann, Nicol Sponberg
Publisher(s): Fun Attic Music, Curb Songs

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