Whisper Away Lyrics

I can hear you whisper you’re calling my name calling my name
what are you saying what are you saying
come on don’t let this echo away
come on i can hear you
are you behind me
are you running my way come on come on
i can feel it i can feel it it's like it's inside of me
but you’re calling my name it’s calling my name
it’s just whispering away
it’s like these drops of rain come on i can hear you i can hear you
but can you hear me too
can we hear each other
it just echoes away echoes away
come on grab my hand it’s like i’m pulling this out of my veins
it’s like i need you just to just rise it up
but i can feel you
you can rip my heart out
but you’ll never feel my pain
never feel my pain
yeah i can hear you i can hear you
but you got nothing to say
what are you saying come on come on
i just can hear you echoing away echoing away
but you can't feel my pain
you’re feeling nothing
it’s feeling nothing today
and all these thoughts inside my head it’s like it’s echo away
but i see this dream
so come on come on
take my hand
run with me
slow down no go faster go faster no slow down
it’s like come on do you remember the time
it's late at night
we’re walking through the sky
we're walking through the beautiful sky
i can feel you inside of me
but it's going my way it’s going my way
i can feel you inside
and it’s going your way it’s going my way it’s going our way
it's going on back and forth back and forth
but we're going today we’re going today
we're going today

i got all these voices inside my head
they’re screaming every which way it's screaming out loud it's screaming out loud
as they whisper away
i wonder if this degraded world
is gonna wash my body away
but i just have tears to count
going away now if i wonder if i go if we’re going together
it’s just gonna be my way it’s gonna be my way
i got a job to do i can hear you whispering my name whispering my name
but you got nothing to say to me yet i can feel you deep down inside
nothing's gonna stop me from what i gotta do it’s what i gotta do gotta do gotta do gotta do
but you know come on
it’s like we walk down these side walks and swim these rivers and streams
we're going every which way
we're walking the sky it's just beautiful tonight
with nowhere to go
nowhere to go
it's just every which way
with nothing to do but follow your heart

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