What The Hell Lyrics

[Verse 1]
Mane I wish a figga would try me up come f**k with me I'm ready to buck I'm deadly and serious don't act like you stuckwell keep acting you know I'll f**k you up I don't giva a care so u betta funking scram you know how it iz don't get f**king slammed you got some beef come get yo azz beat if you don't like the heat then stay of my damn street I keep myself intertain when I'm bussin at you lames I don't do the same thang when I'm bad in the game I do my rap and I keep it in the trap soon I punch you out yo mouth gonna have a gap

[Hook] x2
What the! HELL! you talking bout what the! HELL! you trien bout what the! HELL! you lookin at what the! HELL! you trien at

[Verse 2]
Boy let me tell you something before I start the stomping while you alwayz stuting cause I'm bout to get the crunking showin off yo new grill I'm a show you up that's my deal but you gonna see how it feel if you don't learn how to chill you gonna nedd a baind aid coming down my way that's what I say I don't f**king play if you ain't scared see what I'm carring if yo azz dumb enough see what I'm carrin

What the hell, what the hell what you wanna trickin do what the hell, what the hell do you wanna keep it cool what the hell, what the hell do you wanna f**k with me what the hell, what the hell do you wanna mess with me

[Hook] x2

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Meaning to "What The Hell" song lyrics (1 meaning)
what the hell 12/19/11,15:33

I think it means a girl trying to exspres her feelings about her lif and she is really mad about how she broke up with the best boyfriend ever so she wrote a song exspresing his feelings.
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