One In The Chamba (the Rso Saga Part 1) Lyrics

I'm out here
You know what I'm sayin?
It's crazy wild out here
So I got to roll with mines like that, man
And be prepared for anything that jump off
You know what I'm sayin?
Yo Rhome, man
Tell em what that cop did to that kid

[Tony Rhome]
Yeah man, that's real messed up
But I'ma tell ya like this
Check it

[VERSE 1: Tony Rhome]
A brother caught a bullet, now he's dead
Chopped by a cop who seen him trouble enough to bleed him from the head
And that's goin out the foul way
Straight up murder, word of mouth is that he done him in the hallway
And like always a lot of controversy
But of course he got away scott-free and yo, it hurts me
And it makes me angry just knowin that a cop can't stop
Reach, pull the trigger, no speech
Laid off for two weeks and then he's back on the streets
No investigation
Just a paid vacation
For the jake who did the bustin
Yo, you can't trust him
Cause back in Boston there was a kid trained by a cop
Days later the same kid found shot
Bleedin to death as he was left up under a car
Hey yo, Boston, I'm gettin strapped, I know who they are
Cause back in the days I went to school with him
And I remember when I was kinda cool with him
But now he got a badge and a tool with him
And he's up to no good in the hood
And he would make your life a livin hell if he could
And I don't see an endin
Unless the corrupt cops on the streets are apprehended
Until then I'ma feel my life is in danger
So Tony Rhome is keepin one in the chamber

[Ice Cube] (One in the chamber)

Yo, Legion of Doom, time to suit up

[VERSE 2: Ray Benzino]
I wake up every mornin and get geared up
Huh, I grab my Tec just in case I gotta tear up
I reach up under my bed, look in the shoe box
Take my clip, now I'm headed for the block
Yo, every day'll be the same old trip
Young brothers gettin shot up, baseheads gettin pistol-whipped
I gotta get away, cause see, I can't cope
Cause here's where I get dope
So I put up with the nonsense
I'm still servin up fiends while my man's rollin ?????
And don't think you can run up on the one they call Ray
Dog, cause I'm strapped every day
You're always fiendin, lookin greedy, up to no good
Cause RSO is rockin Timberlands and black hoods
Just don't play us like strangers
Huh, Raydog keeps one in the chamber

(One in the chamber)

[VERSE 3: E-Devious]
I knew this kid who was livin kinda foul with no mercy
(No mercy) sort of blood-thirsty
He was out here makin a little change
But this thing about him made him a little strange
He was cool to a certain extent
Then he would disappear, no one knew where he went
He was cuttin brothers' throats
And drapin his crew in black and leather Adidas coats
Servin up fiends like it wasn't no thing
Cause he did it more smoother then when Barry White would sing
People didn't know he had two personalities
Yeah, they let the papes blur out all the realities
But E, naw, I straight used to beef him
Five-o would shake us down, but him they used to keep him
They would talk to him, he said a lot to em
Man, they would roll up and he would just walk to em
I'm lookin at my homies like, yo!
Why's the cop givin the kid dough?
Hmm, somebody yelled out (Yo, he's just bein real friendly)
Aight, then why's the cop lookin at us with a pen, bee?
Y'all can't see, but I ain't nobody's fool
He ain't cool, he's goin out like a pigeon on a stool
Hangin on the block, doin what we do
Kickin willie bobo to the cops
Ace, give me the joint, put one in the chamber
Put one in the chamber, this kid is bringin danger
Now y'all can sit around and wait for the heat to blow
But I'd rather see him layin six feet below
He wanna play mischievious
Let me show him when you're messin with E-Devious
How the game gets played, the game's played with anger
And I'm playing with one in the chamber

(One in the chamber)

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