Industry Talking Lyrics

[song includes Ali Vegas imitating other rappers]

[Ali Vegas: talking]
Rest In Peace to my nigga Mel, this song dedicated to you
Yeah, I sit back and I hear niggaz saying "Damn, Vegas you sound like this
nigga, you sound like that nigga"
They always compare me to greats, so a nigga can't never sound wack
Cause they compare me to every nice nigga that was ever in the game
So I wonder what them niggaz be saying

[Ali Vegas (Jay-Z)]
Gather round hustlers, that's if you still living
Black Album dropping, who's gone fill my position
Um...It's not often I lose
Who's the next king to walk in my shoes
The prince of New York, that's an awkward dude
His walk and talk is so smooth
Vegas be the talk of the news
He might just be the one
L.O. get that lil nigga on the phone
Cause I need to speak to son now

[Ali Vegas (2 Pac)]
Pistols popping at visionaries
Niggaz is getting buried
Different worries, living is getting scary
Rappers rapping bout what happen
Fame and fashion, guns blasting
Bust they don't share the same passion
That's why he gone outlast em
Fasten ya seat belt, Vegas'll make a beat melt
Him against the world he don't need help
And all my niggaz stuck in the pen
Ya can't deny it, he a Southsider ya don't f*ck with him

[Ali Vegas (Nas)]
Back in '99 when I first heard his CD
I looked, damn an illmatic version of me
A young'n with fame thorough with game
New ruler of the borough I claim
Thoroughest lames would huddle in gangs
Thinking bout what they gone do
Vegas keep doing ya thing
cause can't none of these young niggaz f*ck with you
They having a thought of spazzing in court
Half of his rock and half of his mark to the stash of New York

[Ali Vegas (Notorious B.I.G.)]
Quiet when I speak to you
La put the heat to you
Real king of New York, I'm dying in my vechicle
Like Frank White, Ali Vegas got his bank tight
Now competition can't think right
Y'all all know me, I'm the one that put the mac in roni
Top of New York like T.O.N.Y
Too many niggaz tried to clone me
Truly yours, prince of New York but P.O.N.Y to you homie
You know me

[Ali Vegas (Eminem)]
Uh-oh, here we go again
First time out y'all didn't notice him
Now he gets on tracks and his roasters them
Tommy Motolla and Universal is back in control again
Casa Blanca, that's like a second home for him
50 million is a lot of dough to spend on a rapper that's going to blow again
Who wanna go toe to toe with him?
Nobody, he squeeze triggers like Eastwood
I can't say nigga, but guess what he could

[Ali Vegas (Busta Rhymes)]
It was a cold stormy nigh chilling on Flatbush Ave
That's when my man past and pulled the CD out the stash
Said I needed to blast, I pulled over the whip before I crashed
At last, prince of New York is all in ya ass

[Ali Vegas (Ma$e)]
It be the same cats that wouldn't listen to his demo
Now want info, black on black limo
Flood any tempo, it's simple
Anything he drop hot, even if it pop like a pimple
Popo, now he loco
Raspberry no more coco
Ya know how fast an O go, if not you a doe doe
No more slow dough, sho dough
Hardcore no more go go
But y'all already know tho

[Ali Vegas (Nelly)]
Straight from the down, down
I hear dirty is getting right
Knew he was nice when I heard 'em on the mic
Girls holla'n E.I., niggaz they wanna fight
Told dirty don't worry he gone be aiiight
I said his pimp juice got him feeling under the gun
Told 'em he got what it take to be number 1
When it's hot in here bitch niggaz'll run
Don't worry about it they all gone be stunned

[Ali Vegas: talking (Madd Rapper)]
Naw son, Naw son, Naw son, Yo Vegas, Naw son
Ya not breaking the whole song down on these niggaz
Don't let these niggaz think you just doing this
just cause you wanna sound like niggaz
Word to my mother, if y'all going to compare my son
Then y'all need to compare all them niggaz son
cause all them niggaz sound alike
Word to my mother from Jay to Nas, all them niggaz sound alike
If you speed the nigga Jay up you get Nas
If you slow the nigga Nas down you get Pac
You take away Pac doubles, you get B.I.G
You take away B.I.G. doubles, you get Slick Rick
This is all a family tree
Y'all need to stop comparing niggaz and just let niggaz eat
f*ck it who knows you slow me down you might get every rapper in the game
I might sound like the nigga Vegas when you slow me down
Try that shit out

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