13 Horses Lyrics

13 horses swimming in the sea
Waiting for someone to find them
Their ship is gone and now they are alone
With water everywhere around them

The men were saved from the sinking ship
Right before it started to burn
And while they're safe their loyal friends need help
Patiently waiting for their turn

13 horses swimming in the sea
They don't even know it's pointless
The pride remains but this time it won't help
They used to be so tall and suddenly they're small

There's a couple way too far behind
Soon they will be out of sight
But then who cares, they're dying anyway
All of them are doomed this night

11 horses swimming in the sea
The sea they thought was just a river
They're used to this, it's probably just a race
That helps to ease their minds, but where's the finish line?

The night grows dark, the body wants to rest
It hurts to breathe and still they do their best
They want to live no matter for how long
Their thoughts have disappeared 'cause now they're pretty scared

7 horses struggling in the sea
Waiting for someone to find them
They don't look back 'cause what's the point of that
There is only death behind them

They cry for help but help will never come
They don't know where to swim or what they're swimming from
They try to swim some more when panic starts to spread
They're swimming into shore but only in their heads

The 3 last horses dying in a sea
Shouting of their cries for no one
They're born to win, they're screaming in their hearts
The strength of thousand men, they're fighting 'till the end

The sun is up, birds are everywhere
They're flying high, surfing in the air
It's nice to live when life is such a bless
One horse that swims it seems to be the last

The 13th horse has always been the best
His owner will be proud but now he wants to rest
He's longing for his home, the girl will give him food
Good boy she'll say, together they will play

13 horses swimming in the sea
Soon they will be gone forever
And while they swim one thing still remains
And that's the hope that never dies
It never dies, it never dies

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Songwriter(s): Alexander Rybak

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Meaning to "13 Horses" song lyrics (9 meanings)
Tamas 12/23/10,13:25

I tried to search with goole about Victor Bercovski, but no result. No, only your post. Could you share any more infomation about Victor? I want hear the original one as well.
niloufar 05/13/10,03:53

i like this song.i hope that u are successful,alexander!!!i expect u will be better in your new waiting...
Laken 04/08/10,13:17

I see the deeper meaning to this song.. but all I can think about every time I hear it is 13 defenseless horses drowning in the ocean :( I guess thats what I get for growing up on a farm! Poor babies.
imrael 02/05/10,04:33

As I said earlier, all this song is a very strong metaphor, and everyone could find the best definition to the 'horses' by his own mind.
Part 1 02/04/10,03:40

Is it only me who doesn't think about horses when I hear this song? I see a person struggling to win over something really difficult (maybe an illness, a depression, or a soldier in war).
imrael 01/18/10,05:43

Very good. The story in this song is so metaphorical and sad, that even strong heart should be touched. Greetings from Ukraine
Miss cute 11/09/09,10:47

OMG, how sad this song is... I love horses... so when I listen to this song, i wana cry... omg, it touches my hurt.. ufff...
Big Horse 10/20/09,06:53

This song is so beautiful, but listen to DOLPHIN as well. He is soo good to explain how the animals feel.
viki 12/14/10,09:07

this lyrics is plagiat (second time after abandon). from soviet culture. it was populare song Horses in the ocean. original author is Victor Bercovskiy. Rybak just interpriter and believe me very bad
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