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Jungle Book
Alex Lagos
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Jungle Book Lyrics

[Verse 1]
I'm not afraid of the unknown
I'm just scared when the wind blows
I'll see a face in the window
A reflection of my mind
It's ugly and it's cold
How many times have I been told
I may glitter but I'm not gold
Am I just wasting time
I'm just a flash in the pan
What makes me think I'm better than the average man
My mind is racing faster now, as fast as it can
They shot the messenger like they were blasting at vans
'Cause no one likes to hear the truth
It hurts, I shit dirt, they fear the proof
Oh my god, if I die I'm not a legend
But bury me a veteran, imma lie with my weapon
Imma ride for my brethren, survive every lesson
Murder every beat and then revive every session
Come alive with aggression, best pay some homage
Provide the connection nation-wide, call me Vonage
Hook 'em like phonics
Half good, half evil, rap game gin and tonic
I'm just being honest
You know I try to stay humble
But a roar is how they recognize the king of the jungle
It's like...

I...don't know
What you think this is or how I look
But I' plans
I keep 'em written in my jungle book
Try me

[Verse 2]
I'm not afraid to be alone
The silence is my home
King cat atop his throne
My kingdom lies in wait
Mane long, I'm feelin' grown
Bright days I like to roam
Dark nights are mine to own
The world is mine to take
Pages on pages on pages, I got it figured out
I'm a believer, that's how I leave 'em, without a doubt
I'm your wake up call, that's an alarm clock
Needles over ten feet tall, I give 'em long shots
Talkin' 'bout "the game is off its rocker"
Now I'm out the chair, where's Dre, call the doctor
Clawin' from the bottom, now I'm here that's a lobster
Your parade hit a traffic jam, I'm a show stopper
Gotta eat good, fry greats, toast legends
Cousins when I finish, you can feel my post presence
Keep my guard high, don't wanna have my neck took
Ballin', makin' triple the double, they think I'm Westbrook
But they never will believe it
Drownin' in denial til they open eyes and see it
So I'm done, leavin', they just heavin' shots at the air
Get you killed for your passion, bunch of Steven McNairs

I...don't know
What you think this is or how I look
But I' plans
I keep 'em written in my jungle book
Try me

[Verse 3]
So respect to my opponent
'Cause anyone who gets in the ring with a king, well...
Maybe I'm just a prince though
Bold enough to go and throw signs in South Central
Act up and get touched by more hands than a pencil
I'm way outside the stencil
Far outside the lines with the heart of a lion pride
It's the enemy of my enemies, see that look in my eyes, that's desire
And you can't extinguish this f*ckin' fire
I'm not new to this...
No, I'm not new to this...
Got the game by the balls
If I let the hammer fall, I might neuter this
Sometimes you gotta do the unthinkable
Put in every ounce that you got, and when you think it's full
You push a little more, perfect the product your building
Until the positive energy's rushing up to the ceiling
It's like it's coursing through my veins, I think I must be infected
I'm overshootin' expectations, I'm exceeding projections
These people got their hands out, beggin' me for my spare time
I can't remember the last moment I spent in recline
I'm spending hours on hours, I got my face in my cellular
Puttin' thoughts in an order to formulate what I'm tellin' ya
I don't care who you think I am
And I don't expect you to understand

I...don't know
What you think this is or how I look
But I' plans
I keep 'em written in my jungle book
Try me

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Songwriter(s): Alex Lagos
Record Label(s): 2015 Alexander Lagos
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