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a bunch'a white boys, ain't got no bling-bling - 'cuz Cristal sucks, man, we only drink Yuengling - i take a step back with my two left feet - i dance like a spaz and i can't keep a beat - 'cuz i'm white, ch'all, that's right, ch'all - first class honkey in a second class world - get it up, get it down, party in my trailer - a 12-pack minimum with styrofoam container - it's mighty white, this world that we're livin' in - vanilla is the flavor and that's how i'm chillin', i'm a cracker - he goes good with wine and cheese - so slide over, baby, take a bite outta me -- i'm a master cracker of honkeytown, yeah i'm gettin' high while i'm gettin' down - i'm a wasp in distress, a picture of excess, down with whitey is what i stress - 'cuz i live in a white world, live in a white house, that damn white picket fence - i'm original white bread, got all the cool fans - i'm the ultimate anglo man -- (smoothe vanilla world) i got all the good jobs - (smoothe vanilla world) buy me baby a boob job -- i ain't no high-class pimp in a double wide trailer - mama needs some meth, so man, bet you could nail'er - i'm a tasty pop tart, i'm a rice crispy treat, we're the mashmellow cream that you love to eat - 'cuz we're white, ch'all, that's right, ch'all, so f*ckin' white that it's painful - white trash, low class, somewhere in the middle - i'm a country boy but i don't play the fiddle - my corn liquor's strong, i put it in my bong - the white lightning haze keeps me rockin' for days 'cuz it's a smoothe vanilla world that we're livin' in - bein' white is original sin -- chorus -- (Skip's rap, you figure it out)

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