Ruff Enuff (remix) Lyrics

This is some serious business right here
Come on
Yo, bust it, this is a remix
Afu-Ra up in the spot
Breez Evahflowin' up in the spot, yo

[Jeru the Damaja:] "Yo Afu!"

Yo, yo, yo
I know you heard of Afu, tryin to get witchu
Knowledge be the foundation, eff the gun fool
One of the best to blaze the spirits who lyrical
Spit it so much what? My aura's makin miracles
Summon the powers of Bob Marley
or Marcus Garvey, flip it on the train to run a Harley
Touch you in the mind like virgins on all fours
Drag you through the streets of wars and give you sores
of righteousness, I learned my patience in The Matrix
Levitated evaluated now celebrate it
That's calibrated, lessons be stated, you're salivatin
So many rhyme about hymens, and shiny diamonds
Afu-Ra keep it mentally climbin
Found a balance in positives and negatives
Like laser beams, (?) couldn't (?) with these maimin teams
Foes stunned with bait, never hate
All you rhyme about is the cake, that shit is fake
Stab my stake, through triple darkness and spark this
Since the bullseye's your fate, watch my darts hit

[Afu:] "Yo just set it off man!"

[Chorus: Akrobatik]
Yo, people in the party it's time to get RUFF
People in the party it's time to get RUFF
Everybody in the place, it's time to get RUFF
Cause we know that they style's not RUFF, ENUFF

"Ak, hold back.. nah, never that!"

Yo, straight out the gate like a Preakness candidate
but ain't no time for horsin around, I hold my weight (no doubt)
Straight legislatin shit like the governor
Hip-Hop's my Wiz, I ain't f*ckin her, I'm lovin her
When Akrobatik brings the flows in, to stop rap's erosion
another +Detonator+ explosion takes place
with the force of T-N-T
And it's embodied in the form of these three MC's
When Afu, AK and Breez "Whirlwind Thru Cities"
The place bounce like your girlfriend's two titties
Lyrical force so strong it murdered punks
The combo of Stronghold plus Perverted Monks
And this perception is (what?) lyrical perfectionists
Razor sharp rhyme slice leaves you midsectionless
Rock your torso, Ak's ruff enuff, even MORE SO
Flavor to the very last morsel
I don't force flows, shit comes natural
That's actual factual from Ak to you
Bring the boom bap to you without the fluff
When Ak's in the spot it's time to get ruff


"Breez tell me what's the deal yo?"

[Breez Evahflowin']
This shit is senseless, somebody need to do somethin
So many, moments of silence the club stopped jumpin
Spot somethin similar in some of these MC's
Fell to the various ways that Satan tempt me
Without no sense B, hate and envy
Address assemblies, f*ck a crown where would you be
without sound; they stood firm holdin they ground
Same spot I pray soon that a cordless is found
Who holdin it down? Who showin love, who got the style out?
Who got these press people all expectin me to wild out?
BOOM BOOM BOOM to the pigs in they hideout
Niggaz so p*ssy they spit and dicks fly out
Bricks fly out the whip like any challenger
Mark off, another f*ckin day on your calendar
Critical caliber, holocaust cobra clutch
Switched your wig like the skin on a dutch spliff
Ruff shit!

And we bringin it
Cause we know that your style's not, RUFF, ENUFF!


Word Akrobatik, Afu, Breez Evahflowin'
Perverted Monks y'all, Strong-Breezy
Perception is, +Detonator+ bee-ya-ITCH!

[Raekwon:] "Ruff like Timberland wear, gear!"

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