Quiet Storm Freestyle Lyrics

Akala... Mhm...
Storm's brewing...

Roll with us or get rolled over
Waitin' for something real cool the wait is over
Them other niggers is liars talkin' 'bout violence
They ain't rhymin'
They singin' hit notes higher than Mariah

Bonfire upon informer
No love for the Po-Po
I bite like pitbulls
Y'all do what you're told though
I'm loco, I'm cold bro
Feel strong as a Volvo
Like the rush the first time smokin' that coco
But nah (I don't) touch dem ting...
It's common sense though
'Cause (that's) where things don't go
No no you don't want it
(For) your sake I hope so
I don't need a clique I'm a ten-man solo
Super-thug? yes I fear nobody
Probably learn the hard way:
Get hit with a shotty
There's no gangsters no more bredrin can't you see
Anybody will get it if it's really beef

You either real, or a dick
I'm far from a chief
I got Oxford scholar knowledge and I'm merely nineteen
Am I lyin'? you you tell me
I bleed and breath
Growin' up ma mommy's tears was a regular scene
Now it's that pain I use to feed my dreams
To stack cream
And to achieve more for my seeds
Best believe I'm like nothing you seen
Too raw
Got you shook like you was seven and you first watches "Jaws"

I'm the best
Bring any man you can find
I'll hit him so hard I'll seperate his thoughts from his mind
Back from his spine the rhymes of a shot from a nine
It's up to you blud it's your choice not mine
You want peace? I will teach
That's my mind frame
You want beef?
I'm wantin' more heads than the rain
Best be dreadin'
I mean what I said
They goin' out like armageddon
Only want my mum in church for weddings

For that reason
Beefin' is high treason
I be squeezin' till your breathin' turns to wheezin'
Machine's stopped beepin'
Heat make you taste defeat 'n
I won't lose 'cause I don't mind cheatin'
There's no rules
Whoever said there was is a fool
Nine to five, five to nine
Gotta hold that tool
'Cause these dudes are snakes
Sheeps posing as wolves
Real niggers live by respect, forever stand tall

I'll tell you straight
I pray for better days but as far as today
Gotta stay with a sick mindframe
It's not all gravy, niggers is shadey
I train daily like the Royal Navy
It's not for ladies
It's incase I get knocked by the old bailey
'Cause jail? one-on-one
Street? gun-to-gun
Little niggers is tiresome but
Back on this music, everybody lay low
I'm 'bout to blow that volcano
Shock you like [?]

Quiet storm brewin'
Rappin' since the days of Patrick Ewing
Best thing on the track since Carl Lewis
You a rapper? best get your tape out now
('cause) when I come out
Trust me I'm bound to shut you down
So you're f*cked up now
If you're not down with our sound
Gimme a pound on ma crown... [?]

I'm done with this shit, I'm taking a bow

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