Thotiana Lyrics

This industry is like the army
I know that make no sense now
But listen up and I'll break that shit down
They build you up and then break your shit down
That's the game

[Verse 1]
Everybody out here turning two faced
You make a fraction what I do, that's why you hate
You stay hitting my line on the low, you lame
Tryna merge two worlds that don't belong, fruit cake
Oh wait, I been on my grind, I do skate
That's why I do great, and everybody like you stay
Talking local and only shopping BOGO, it's doomsday
I'll knock the rhythm out you, I'll have you rapping like Blueface
Crew stay going up like the club on a Tuesday
Two days, been in the studio making moves, ay
Best part about it? The studio's in my room, ay
Only when I'm back in South Brunswick, in LA the mood's changed
See you mad that it happened for me
You confused, you a fan but you'll never agree
That's why you all up on my page watching everything
I see it all, but it's cool I don't say anything about it
I'm really in my own lane if I think about it
Nobody do it like me when I think about it
Claim you're better than AK? Yeah, I doubt it
You know the name, but the story? Nothing about it
Ain't nobody know the story
The explanation for the hunger, tryna make it for us
That's the trait nobody see, but you can feel the aura
The struggle hurt but in the end, damn, it's really gorgeous
There's a reason it's my life and why I know I love it
Remember heating up the crib with an open oven
Only rocking hand-me-downs from my older cousins
Since middle school, been on a mission to bring us above it

[Verse 2]
Yeah, so disrespect me and I'm taking offense
The same dudes who ain't believe me now are shaking my hand
They ain't know it back then, they was hating the gem
But I knew the whole time they'd be back to commend me
All my missions accomplished, hope to turn to accomplice
I see 'em tryna make friends, they don't know I'm always watching
The fakers making me nauseous, but I been known it's the process
I was born with a grown mind, I always acknowledged
Yeah, and ain't nobody else my age did
Can't lie, back then it ain't make sense
But I've learned and I've grown and I've made mends
With all the bullshit that's coming with these fake friends
Everybody actin' friendly, see they tryna get a piece
They should stop and think about how I will have 'em at the knees
Begging me to show 'em mercy music, how I shit and breathe
Put my life into this shit man, you ain't getting shit from me
I guess you'll know what time it is, stay on track like Thomas did
For this I know I was meant, I'ma get my momma rich
Change the game around a bit, pay a man to count the bands
That's some fly shit for the future but for now we putting hours in

This industry is like the army, I hope it's making sense now
Shit is tough, they been tryna break me down
We leveled up, look, they can't do shit now
That's the game

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