Star Power Lyrics

[Verse 1]

This is motherf*cking star power, cumshot looking like a star shower
On your broad's face, shoot it out like Ron Howard
Bars powered by the deadliest essence
While I stay untouchable like Elliot Ness is
Spit the deadliest venom, not a rapper in sight
We f*ckin' rock stars rockin' sunglasses at night
Smack the lights out p*ssy backpackers and rappers
You wish I wasn't invited like Zach Galifianakis
Got the baddest of manners and a ticket to be the most animal savage
And the pickiest diva, hoes handle my package like a valuable asset
Treat your wife like a posse cut, I slam it and pass it to the next man
If you feelin' froggy then jump
I hang around with plenty gangsters but I ain't one
Party hard til the end of the world
My rap soldiers f*ckin' stay wilin' out on bars like it's Coyote Ugly

[Chorus x2]

Yeah, now gimme some of that star power
(Uh, now gimme some of that star power)

[Verse 2]

I've got one hand palmin' the big Puertorican ass
One hand palmin' the big European ass
Yo ass talking that shit, you couldn't be a Casanova like Omar
So take a note and just know that
I'm a scumbag, an asshole, live fast and rap slow
A douche bag with cash flow and big plans to grab mo'
I ask fo' (ask fo'), a minute alone
Unless shorties' on her knees straight giving me dome
So I admit that I'm cold and kinda, sorta withdrawn
I kinda, sorta might exploit her cause it's part of the norm
Up in I-S-L-A-M-A-B-A-D, they need me, honies getting sleazy
Fo-sheezay, so I rock it like a beast
Don't know much about scratch but I'm a great vagina DJ
It's easy, so I don't blame you for thinking
That I wouldn't grow up or try to change how I'm living
Insane with no limits and you can tell that I'm stuntin'
And I'ma never grow old like f*ckin' Benjamin Button

[Chorus x2]

Yeah, now gimme some of that star power
(Uh, now gimme some of that star power)

[Life of Brian sample x2]

"Now you listen here,
He is not the messiah, he's a very naughty boy!

[Verse 3]

I got 'em acting like it's the return of the anti Christ
Watching as you maggots burn when my appetites booming
These fake rappers making me hungry
How they try to knock talent and equate it with money
And you see how I try to be a reasonable guy
It seems like every motherf*cker want a piece of the pie
They speak venom, sink low, cause they're eager, they die to be me
So they say I'm in a secret society
And see it ain't money that's the root of this envy
Cause I live like a bum and my bank account's empty
But I live my own life, full freedom and power
Got an army of fans to make you bleed up a shower
If you bark loud, talk down, you could get your ego wrecked
Godzilla, King Kong, screaming as I beat my chest
These bitches mad cause their albums is fillers
But Adilla stay iller, I'm a natural born killer

[Chorus x4]

Yeah, now gimme some of that star power
(Uh, now gimme some of that star power)

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Record Label(s): 2013 Serpents of Eden
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