Y.B.F Lyrics (feat. Adam Kanyama)

[Hook x2]
Young, black and famous
Young, black and famous
Young, black and famous
Say it three times for these haters

[Verse 1: Adam Tensta]
Pressing rewind and Nas new joint kept me sleepless
Always a dreamer, never a dreamer, contradictions seem less
First I would fall and then I cover for it like an eclipse
And then I would wish you bad and turn the sand like I'm in Egypt
Between my toes in this, between my fingers it's
It's in my eyes I guess it's hard to see
Between these hoes and them, they always lingerin'
They on my mind I guess it's hard to beat


[Verse 2: Adam Tensta]
And notice that I never said rich
I was that before I even got paid up in this bitch
My circle's loyal, clothes black as oil
Respect my hustle til the day I ain't breathin' no more
I'm pressin rewind and Nas new joint that kept me sleepless
But now I am living a dream, even though it is what it does not seem, kid
You can do it too if you wanna, just look at young Kanyama
He's doing everything he can, not everyone that he's in front of
So you can tell what it is you wanna tell me
But to me you always gonna be a non-dreamin' muthaf*cka
And the opposite of that is what is what've give me this
And we knockin' door down door, they tryna lock us in
And we gon' crash, we gon' crash, we gon' crash
But we keep flyin' though they tryna' clip us up our wings

[Verse 3: Adam Kanyama]
Before the time runs out, I'mma tell you what it's all about
It's them deadly bullets in that AK over-countable amount
And you can count a nigga in, Lord forgive for my sins
Leave me on this cold earth with nothing but a paper and a pen
And I descend from the one to the 45, and my paps we on turn 45
But look at us momma we still alive so I give thanks to the almost high
See the God with the faith was properly played
But then came the day when he became selfmade
And he took Tensta and Norsborg and then he wrapped it one
And planet earth now witness the greatest of outcomes
How come my flow is out of the normal
See the mystery of AK if you [?] to unfold
Now be-hold black panther as I walk with the troops
The outstanding, outlasting with the youngest recruits
See time is up the essance and the present
Got me looking for a muthaf*cka with the answers for my questions
I've seen it, no teacher made me believe it
We the O, the I to the muthaf*cking AM
The freeks come out in the later part of the PM
Never pretend to leave 'em, those people always on my mind
And I would defend my Sweden and let the rest just fall behind
Cause even though I'm not wanted by the way I speak
I gotta speak my mind before my verse reaches its peak
To the world, to the world, I'mma make that mine
And do the same thing over if I could rewind time

[Hook: Adam Kanyama x2]

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Record Label(s): 2011 J RN
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