Listening Pleasure Lyrics

[Intro]: Breezy Brewin
Check it out
Check it out, bust it
The obvious on the funkadelic
Rayme Supreme, on the literature
What's the deal?
It's the stupid type raw type 'a style
I be the Brewin, so what's the deal?
For your listening pleasure

[Verse 1]: Rayme Supreme
Record mode, episode explode impact
Instantaneous when I'm taming this wild format
Rhyme entrepreneur, score the verbal flush
My mental thrust is to complex to rush
The mere mention, of 'preme causes distention
Throughout your squad, terrified of the collision
f*ck pizazz, don't even flash when I bust ass
Lyrics built to last giving a wicked tounge lash
To rap impersonators, I blow your spot and leave a crater
Creator of data touching your brain matter
215 batter up, to cause havoc
Worldwide, throughout this nation niggas get touched
Try to front on us, like you never heard our shit
Obvious Joint, beside Ass & Benefits
MC's is mostly comedy, thats coming at me
I hold it down like a one ton anvil from acme
Don't get me started
I split niggas' domes like the red sea was parted
Vocally you get slaughtered
Most highly applauded rapper, the diss dapper rhyme crafter
The Rayme Supreme Factor

For your listening pleasure
It's my pleasure to rap
When words connect
I can smack a crew off deck
Whether 12", compact disc or cassette
When words connect
I can smack a crew off deck
And all the niggas kickin' bullshit and ain't comin' correct
For your listening pleasure, it's my pleasure to rap
And all them niggas on the diddick who originally slept
For your listening pleasure, it's my pleasure to rap

[Verse 2]
(Check it out)
You want a piece of the pie
But can't cut it in the game, thats the problem
Most of these rappers they sound the same
Talk about your ice dripping, but you gets no dap
Rockin silk around your waist, scared your jewels'll get taxed
Acting like you rich, got your advance, sport a new whip
Driving like you the shit, still striving to make a hit
Don't know who you dealing with
Legit rhymes to scorch you
The all-eye seeing supreme being,hard rocks soften
I do this often, expose your weakness on mics
Explicit MC's nowadays need some dick in they life
I write rhyme-mic-type material, for your stereo
Drama begins, when I extend hand to pen
The outcome is blazing, rhyme mayhem, to the AM
I drop gems, and still continue, f*cking with y'all niggas mentals
While you shootin' triangle and circle symbols
Recycling hit singles
Bust holes, and then he restring you, you just a puppet
And you don't even know it yet, so f*ck it


[Outro]:Breezy Brewin (Rayme Supreme)
It's definitely like that (f*ck that)
Rayme Supreme (Niggas be bullshittin on the microphone)
Let them brothas know (Put some feelin' in ya rhymes)
Definitely hit 'em in the head
(Maybe get some airplay in my car when I'm rolling)
(Or chillin' in my crib)
The Obvious Wonder, never blunder
Tell them crabs, definite crustaceans
It's like that, NYC to Philly
Brothas get crazy busy
Word to motha,for ya, for ya listening pleasure
Check it out....

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Songwriter(s): Adagio
Record Label(s): 2020 90 s Tapes
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