Updown Lyrics

Up and down
Up and down
Round and round
We’re crazy

Up and down (You can’t take me down)
Up and down (I won’t stay down)
Round and round
You’re crazy
(Up down, down up)

When I downsize my sleep
And I download the beat
And I downplay the streets
When I throw down your heat
I’m just chasing pounds
No point in looking down
I splash downstairs
Then I dash downtown
Or it’s the Dunstable downs (yep)
It’s going down
When I run through the town (you know)
Give me my crown
And I’m downcast
When they treat me like an outcast
(Downtime) guess I’m just down and out
Had a down ass miss
And no I aren’t get no kisses (oh no)
I aren’t make the hit list (no)
I was on the wish list (no)
A down low sister and how she got me downhearted
Since the day I departed, I’ve been down in love
Like and artist
Started real good, then it went downhill
Down here if you’re good
You living down mill hill
You thinking downward
You down start, down south
Don’t slouch blood
When you’re down but you don’t stop (never)


(Verse 2)
Up we go, yea we’re going uptown
To the upscale life, coming from the underground
Got to get up, I can’t upstage me
Uncage the upheaval and step it up to like 80
This uppity brother got a problem with upbeats
Upload the sheets
It seems I’m up a piece
It’s typical beef, like POW, up your speed
That’s 2003 to me, now get this
Up the block, by the shop, there’s a cop cutting locks
(That’s dread) you can’t even shot Nike shox
By the bus stop, you either shot or getting stopped
Up this way it’s up yours or not yours
Up till 04’s I couldn’t get the doors
Now DSP get high shows like we’re billing up on tour
Yea, it’s A/D, Milton Keynes to Northants
Luton, Essex, London, Up and down it’s your chance.


[Guitar solo]

Around the same time, next girl told me I was common
My life moved up and by chance I met Common
Spit @ Vocool Lounge with J.O
Around 04 NN5 became two
I met this girl from around the way
Around the same time, beats sell I start to get paid
In a roundabout way moved on to Leigh-On-sea
Girls all around, skinny round, I’m surround
The team got stronger
Eric, Lona, and Dom
Matt came thru, plus Stric, Joe and Rum
Rap nice and he’s cold as ice
Markotix got it on (yea he’s nice as rice)
Round up the crew, the boys bout to blew
Dreamstate just grew
You wound up? I cloak you
Say a prayer, get out your bibles
Round it all up like I’m your thirteenth disciple (the Judas)


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