December 31st Lyrics

Starvation 2
I’ma get right to it,
F*ck you f*ck boys,
F*ck all yall
90% of the rap games have stole Ace Hood’s flow
Let’s keep it 100%
Don’t play yourself, I only speak facts
At least if you’re going stealin, pay homage
If you ain’t part of the team, you’re stealing flow
It’s alright to be inspired, just respect it
I go by the nae of DJ Khaled
And I’m the Ceyo we the best music roll,
I’m here to let you know,
Ace Hood is one of the best in the game,
And if you don’t think so, f*ck you
If you a non-believer, we gonna turn you into a believer
F*ck em.

Take a look into my eyes and just tell me what you see
Tell me do you see the beast, they wanna let me off the least
Wait two minutes and nigga sleep, I spit fire 3 degree
P**sy niggas don’t wanna believe, oh my mama they gonna see
Got the hottest flow and I’m honest though
F*ck what a nigga be modest for
My conscious know what kind of door, somebody let them brothers know
Then I wanna let this problem in,
Every year is my time again,
Underrated they contemplating and I’m top five their conversations
They hurt the people been hating on me,
Aware nigga what’s new?
Still riding in the Maybach and they face man when I came through,
This nigga say that I made it, gotta make away from my baby
My mama cry in the other room and tip the fall that I hate it,
Next day I made it some changes, man oh nigga no complaining
They left my youngest stages they no choice I have to make it,
Will not quit and I will repeat and I won’t conceit what a nigga who snitch
Who on top will it make no sense like a nigga who broke it will make no sense,
This their friends and the whip no tent, and I roll glis glis oh boy they beast
Duff request do make me sick your bitch blow me see fault technique
And I got this shit, tell em I got em, he go to war standing beside em,
You gone the army, you gone the navy, you gonna need soldiers, maybe Obama
Is that double UITHCBIS carry the tea, none of you nigga matter to me,
Just follow your feet, just follow your beat,
Feed me rappers, bone-appetite, nigga be trippin on top of the speak,
Came for the war no longer the peace,
Time for the blind be able to see, tell these nigga ain’t nothing like me,
24 years ain’t get no sleep, 26 inches on my G,
Feeling like sharks on my feet,
Know the date they let me free, all in trouble OMG,
Please don’t please nigga pray for me killin the shit or our RP,
Don’t back with the B and I’m knock on me,
In the back of the G yall nigga for me,
Capital A, capital C, capital I H double OD,
Free my niggas till they all get free, rap my city, gotta rap my team,
Proud with... president, that’s the shit that I represent,
Caught a mill for that whip a man,
P**sy boys I never mind they did,
Hated thousands that’s on my wrist,
Take you chick and I’ll make that bitch,
Need the dick and take a flick,
Seen the shit you ever fit,
LOL I’m out of state, young nigga tryin to get filthy rich,
I’m out you, better bring your voucher
Better call your countless shit get real,
When I’m coward oh I ain’t bout it, now you found it,
It’s pushing flowers, this to your mama,
Heard it got em, never want that drama, never want that drama
Oh Lord, I pray to world don’t need in January
You simple 31 I made your bitch the worst,
All you niggas sleeping me to cemetery,
All you niggas sleeping me to cemetery
Starvation, starvation,
God bless this proud nation
God bless this proud nation

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Songwriter(s): Benjamin Diehl, Antoine Mccolister

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