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Sleezy Flow Freestyle


Sleezy Flow Freestyle Lyrics

Real Crash Gang, come on
Ayy, ayy, listen, take me in

They done nothing to my members since the thirteenth of the tenth
Grab my glizzy, pause on Lizzy
Do not listen to these gems
Bodies droppin', leave a mess
I-D-C what Simon says
Like f*ck the police, they need to free up all my friends
TeeRose, face shot, Shak pack, bill that
Anything, RL, mandem, kill that
Crazy drills, got a alibi
In the station, they antagonize
They throw L's, tell hella lies
The RC's shot hella guys
Got opps to my left, opps to my right
Take their livеs, comin' like
No one wants to come outsidе
We had that motherf*cker Triggz all swimmin' in the aisle
Stream of blood, oh, so long, comin' like the River Nile
Please don't push my buttons
I'll just press on suttin'
Aim up high, name on news, but you're soul up in the sky (Sky)
Shak, fly, drop, died, two, opps, one, night
I'm a man that's on a mission, mission tryna kill 'em
To these f*ckers, I'm a villain
And they're baddies, know we're winnin'
Rose died on the scene
Shak died on the scene
Tapz died on the scene
Niggas, please stay on your Deen
Let me find where Tamba lay at, I back my dick and piss on grave
I hope his mum can't stop cryin' for all them nights that I was slidin'
Eeny, meeny, miny, moe, Abdi Shakur is up in smoke
Jingle's sister givin' throat
My YGs ain't got no remorse
One to five, pillion, handy ting, fillin' it
How you jump on road, post Rose, and die? Idiot
One got packed like Ricky
Another got a facetime
CGM don't take lives, some motherf*cking gay guys
Paris, man, we take lives
Packages in day time
Drillin' and winnin', too many niggas are timid
I might just pull up and finish 'em
Bill 'em, get rid of 'em
My opps love touchin' civilians, my niggas killers and villains
The bodies droppin' are hideous, hideous, hideous
Dead niggas, dead niggas
Rose, Shak, Tapz
Brr, boy

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Songwriter(s): AbzSav

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